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UFC on Versus 3 Results: Diego 'the Dream' Sanchez Wins a War Against Martin Kampmann

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Photo by Ken Pishna <a href="">MMA Weekly</a>
Photo by Ken Pishna MMA Weekly

Headliners Diego Sanchez and Martin Kampmann delivered an utter war at UFC on Versus 3. Both men were cut and bleeding and likely suffering from broken bones to the hand or face. 

The judges gave it to Diego Sanchez 29-28 unanimously. 

Sanchez came out with a new nickname and refused to be intimidated by Kampmann's striking credentials. But Kampmann dropped Sanchez with a straigh punch about 90 seconds in. He got a front headlock and landed some hard knees to the face. Sanchez got free but Kampmann landed from a distance. Sanchez went for a single and ate a knee. Kampmann turned it up and landed some more hard punches. Diego shot for a double, got shrugged off and landed a hard right. But Kampmann landed to the body and followed with hooks to the face. Kampmann began to utterly dominate on the feet. Sanchez shot with 40 seconds left and Kampmann defended himself against the fence then got free. 

Diego came out in the second working for a take down but got stuffed again. Sanchez landed a hard lead left that cut Kampmann and followed it into a clinch but Kampmann fended him off. Sanchez shot and drove Kampmann to the fence. Kampmann once again got free without going down. Sanchez charged forward and forced a brawl, landing several shots that hurt Kampmann. Kampmann scored with a jab but Sanchez shot in and got sprawled on again. Kampmann countered as Sanchez charged in. Kampmann landed a hard right as Sanchez charged in again. Sanchez forced it to the fence and swung wildly, landing and hurting Kampmann. Kampmann slung Sanchez to the ground at the end of the round.

Kampmann came into the third as battered and cut as Sanchez. Kampmann danced away to open the third. Sanchez landed to the body and shot in for a single leg. Kampmann fended it off and landed a standing knee to the face. Kampmann breathed heavily and danced away. Sanchez drove forward winging  punches but couldn't trap Kampmann against the cage. Sanchez shot again and Kampmann sprawled. Sanchez kept all four points on the ground and prevented a knee to ward off the knee to the head. Kampmann settled for a kick to the body. They returned to the feet and Sanchez got a slam to side control. But Kampmann reversed after briefly giving up his back and stood back up. Sanchez fired away and almost forced the brawl again. Kampmann landed a knee to the body. Kampmann smashed Sanchez with a jackhammer right hand that clearly hurt Sanchez and might have broken Sanchez' cheek. Kampmann's hand appeared broken afterwards. Sanchez continued to come forward and landed on Kampmann. 

Kampmann had won eight of his last 11 before entering the fight. Sanchez had won 5 of his last 7.