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Bellator 38 Live Play-by-Play and Results

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As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results and commentary for Bellator 38. Our live blog will start with the beginning of the MTV2 broadcast (7 p.m. ET) so be sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.    

I will be posting live play-by-play and results here as well as at my usual home, Gals Guide to MMA

Tonight brings us the quarterfinal fights in the first Bellator light heavyweight tournament.  Eight fighters will be competing tonight, each one hoping to win the tournament prize of $100,000 as well as become the first Bellator light heavyweight champ.  The card includes Chris Davis vs. Christian M'PumbuRichard Hale vs. Nik FeketeD.J. Linderman vs. Raphael Davis, and Daniel Gracie vs. Tim Carpenter.

Live coverage of this event after the jump! 

Bellator 38 coverage

And we are live!  Thanks for joining us, this should be good!


Chris Davis vs. Christian M'pumbu

Round 1:  M'Pumbu cmes out with a good kick and eats a shot for it.  They clinch up with M'Pumbu controlling.  He grabs a single and gets Davis down.  Davis goes for a single of his own and pulls M'Pumbu down as he tries to escape.  M'Pumbu is very active on the ground, he tries for a kneebar but loses it.  Davis takes his back but M'Pumbu spins.  Davis transitions into full mount.  M'Pumbu tries to avoid the ground and pound and gives up his back, then gets Davis in his guard.  M'Pumbu goes for a triangle.  Davis is being smart and not panicking.  M'Pumbu gives up the triangle and is back to closed guard.  They just kinda hang out there until the end of the round.  I give that one to Davis, 10-9 for control. 

Round 2:  Davis opens up with a leg kick, then another, and M'Pumbu answeres with a couple of decent lefts.  Davis gets a takedown but isn't doing much with it.  M'Pumbu sweeps him, then moves back and Davis is on top again.  Davis takes M'Pumbu's back, but M'Pumbu spins and gets a kneebar but Davis gets loose.  He takes M'Pumbu's back again.  Davis is doing a lot of laying around on the ground now.  He moves to half guard and is smothering M'Pumbu now.  He starts with some hammerfists to M'Pumbu's head, but M'Pumbu tries to get up.  Now he takes Davis' back.  Davis looks very tired now.  He gets to his feet but M'Pumbu is still on his back.  He takes Davis down and goes for a triangle, but the round is over.  Davis controlled that round but looked exhausted.  I still call it Davis 10-9. 

Round 3:  M'Pumbu is throwing some good punches now, and is effective enough for Davis to shoot immediately.  He gives up his back and M'Pumbu is warned for hitting the back of the head.  Davis is cut.  He is also in survival mode, turtled up and just defending his head.  Davis finally gets up and M'Pumbu is just bullying him now.  Davis goes for another takedown.  He's completely exhausted now, and M'Pumbu has his back again and is just smashing him in the face whenever he can.  He throws one more good right and Davis looks like he goes out for a second.  And finally, the ref stops the fight.  Christian M'Pumbu def. Chris Davis by TKO, 3:34 of round 3.


Richard Hale vs. Nik Fekete

Round 1:  Hale looks very light, while Fekete is coming out pretty flatfooted.  They trade some good shots but Hale is currently doing a little better.  Fekete shoots and gets a takedown.  Hale twists over him, Fekete stands up with Hale in an inverted triangle on his back, Fekete falls, then goes out!!  Holy crap!  Richard Hale def. Nik Fekete by inverted triangle choke, 1:55 of round 1.


D.J. Linderman vs. Raphael Davis

Round 1:  Both men come out swinging, trading several shots but nothing earth shattering.  Davis clinches and starts hitting Linderman with good knees to the face.  Davis is landing more strikes and knees, and Linderman isn't even trying to avoid them.  Davis is just relentless with the Thai clinch.  Linderman gets a takedown, but can't really keep Davis down.  Back on their feet, Linderman is connecting with some power shots, but not enough of them.  Davis goes for a takedown but doesn't get it.  They clinch on the cage, then separate.  Now Linderman lands a knee to the body.  Davis connects with a good kick to the leg.  Linderman lands a good punch, Davis is rocked.  Now Linderman goes for a guillotine but Davis escapes.  And the round ends, I score it 10-9 for Davis.

Round 2:  Linderman opens with a sick left, and Davis is swinging wild.  They clinch again, Linderman with some nasty punches to the body, then takes Davis down.  Davis is up, they're on the cage again.  Linderman is definitely winning the striking battle now.  Linderman connects, Davis is down and turtled up.  He tries to roll away and ends up in full mount.  Now he has Linderman's back.  Linderman is defending well so far.  Linderman spins, ends up on top with Davis trying to stand.  Now Linderman is going for a kimura, but the round ends.  10-8 for Linderman that time.

Round 3:  Linderman wastes no time getting Davis with some hard shots.  Davis looks bad.  Linderman goes for a knee but lands an accidental low blow.  Time called.  That's probably a good thing for Davis, he wasn't looking good before that.  Ok, back to the action.  They come back in slugging it out.  Linderman is getting the better of the exchange, though.  Davis shoots, but can't get the takedown.  They go back to slugging it out and Linderman lands a couple of shots that stagger Davis badly.  He falls, Linderman keeps hitting him, and the ref stops it.  D. J. Linderman def. Raphael Davis by TKO,  2:44 of round 3.


Daniel Gracie vs. Tim Carpenter

Round 1:  Carpenter opens with a couple of punches, Gracie answers with leg kicks.  Carpenter connects and Gracie goes down.  Carpenter is in his guard and just smothering.  Gracie is up, goes for a guillotine but can't get it.  They go back to the ground.  Gracie still has Carpenter's neck, but Carpenter gets loose.  Carpenter is back to smothering Gracie but is landing a few hard shots to the head.  Carpenter moves to full mount.  He goes for an armbar but Gracie is out and on top now.  Gracie on his feet, then into side control.  Now to half guard, landing shots to the head.  Carpenter tries for another armbar but Gracie is out again, and the round ends.  I have to give that to Carpenter 10-9.

Round 2:  Gracie moves in to land some good punches but he eats quite a few in the process.  They clinch on the cage.  Gracie lands several knees.  Carpenter is scoring some good body shots.  Both fighters land decent punches.  Gracie is turtled up now, Carpenter landing lots of head shots.  Gracie is bloodied up.  Now Gracie is in half guard after catching an upkick.  Carpenter on his back, Gracie landing some punches then moves into Carpenter's guard.  He moves to half guard again.  Both fighters look tired now.  Carpenter tries for a kimura but Gracie gets out of it easily.  Gracie lands several good punches to the body and the round ends.  That one I give to Carpenter again, 10-9.

Round 3:  Carpenter lands a punch that puts Gracie on his back.  Carpenter follows him to the mat.  Not much happening and the ref threatens to stand them up.  Gracie starts for an omaplata but lets it go.  He moves to side control.  Carpenter is defending submissions very well.  Gracie lands a good punch and Carpenter is bleeding over one eye.  Carpenter scrambles, not much happens, and the round ends.  I'd give that round to Gracie 10-9 but I don't think he took the fight. 

Tim Carpenter def. Daniel Gracie by split decision.


That's it for me, folks, thanks for having me as your guest blogger!  As always, it was huge fun!