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UFC Fight Night 24 - Live Results and Commentary

As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results and commentary for UFC Fight Night 24. The live blog will start with the beginning of the Facebook stream (7:30 p.m. ET) continuing through the Spike TV broadcast (10 p.m. ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

The main card is headlined by a light heavyweight clash between "Mr. Wonderful" Phil Davis and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. Also on the card is a clash between welterweights Dan Hardy and Anthony Johnson, former Ultimate Fighter winner Amir Sadollah vs. DaMarques Johnson and the highly anticipated rematch between Leonard Garcia and Chan Sung Jung.

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As always we have our rule: NO SPOILERS! In the interest of not ruining anything from the undercard that may make the broadcast we ask that you do not discuss the results of the undercard in the comments until either the broadcast ends or the fight makes the air.

Brent Brookhouse taking over the live results as The Spike Broadcast is live.

Chan Sung Jung vs. Leonard Garcia - Round 1 - Jung gets it going with a leg kick off the opening bell. Garcia misses the head kick and eats another leg kick. Overhand right by Garcia lands to the top of the head but he throws a nice body kick. Another right hand but this time it lands. Garcia with a left hook that just misses. Nice combo by Jung know. They exchange right hands. Head kick by Jung and now one to the body. Leg kick by Jung and a jab. Wild strikes by both men miss and Jung manages to get a takedown in the chaos. Jung was going for an armbar but lost it. Garcia tries to scramble up and eats some knees for his trouble. Jung has done a nice job of controlling position to make sure he wins the round. Nice hard shots by Jung from on top now. Full mount with 10 seconds left and now he has the back landing shots as the horn sounds. 10-9 Jung.

Round 2 - Wide strikes by both men and Garcia continues to swing wildly. Garcia with a jumping knee and Jung digs in to the body. Garcia's accuracy (or lack thereof) is really something.Jung misses with a wild punch of his own but then lands a jumping knee to the body. Leonard with a nice leg kick. Wild Leonard punches are countered by a Jung knee and a sharp leg kick. Jab lands for Jung and Garcia is actually not trying to be too aggressive and it's hurting him. Uppercut by Jung and a hard knee. Jung kicks out Garcia's leg and ends up on top of him landing bug punches and elbows from the top. Jung ends up locking up a twister for the submission! Wow! Chan Sung Jung wins by submission (twister), round 2.

Amir Sadollah vs. DaMarques Johnson - Round 1 - Johnson scored a quick takedown and had decent position but Amir got to his feet and landed a low blow. The ref tries to give him time but DaMerques waives him off. Amir landing some nice punches and Johnson throws some punches back, most missing. Johnson catches a kick and takes himright back down. Pass to half guard for a second before getting pulled back to full guard. They end up back standing after a little over a minute. Nice hook by Amir as Johnson was throwing a knee and it briefly knocks him down. Johnson pushes him into the cage but gets turned around. Elbow by Johnson and a very nice throw takedown. Amir manages to stand right back up and now Amir gets the takedown. Johnson looks for a triangle but eats a punch for his trouble. 10-9 Johnson round.

Round 2 - Pair of nice right hands by Johnson early and now a left hand and a knee. Amir with a great knee to the head and he tees off with some hard punches. Sadollah lands hard but Johnson fires back some shots of his own. Nice two punch combo and a great body shot by Jonson. Knee to the body against the cage by Amir. Johnson can't get the takedown and ends up on bottom eating knees to the body. Nice elbows and punches from the top by Amir. Johnson is in trouble. He turtles up and is eating big knees to the body but does manage to get back to standing. Knee to the body by Johnson but he is tired. Amir with a takedown right into mount. Amir traps the arm and starts to land punches and elbows. Johnson taps out to strikes. Amir Sadollah wins by submission (strikes), round 2.

Dan Hardy vs. Anthony Johnson - Round 1 - Leg kick by Johnson to get it going. Huge crowd support for Hardy. Jab by Johnson gets through. Head kick by Johsnon was partially blocked but still sends Hardy to the ground. Hardy manages to get back up from under Johnson. Johnson puts Hardy on his back. Nice punches by Johnson. Hardy looks to lock up a triangle but can't lock it up. Now looking for the kimura. Johnson too strong to allow it to get locked up. Hammerfist by Johnson and Hardy will get through the round. 10-9 Johnson.

Round 2 - Johnson gets an early takedown and Hardy's lack of solid wrestling may bell be his undoing. Hardy eats some punches to the head and again looks for the kimura. Johnson continues defending and landing punches to the body until Hardy has to give it up. Hardy tries for the sweep and the ref ends up standing them back up. Johnson again goes for the takedown and Hardy tries to counter with a kimura but ends up on his back anyway. 10-9 Johnson again.

Round 3 - For some reason Hardy goes for the takedown and ends up on his back. Johnson grinding away with punches and again Hardy goes for the Kimura and again can't get it locked up. Hardy attempts to scramble to his feet and gets his back taken but does stand up. Kick and two punches by Johnson and he shoots in again and takes it down. Hardy gives up his back and Johnson gets his hooks in. Nice right hand by Johnson. Johnson turns over into mount and locks in an arm triangle but Hardy defends. Johnson tries for a combination armlock/neck crank but can't finish it. Johnson finishes with a flurry of punches and should have a clear 30-27 victory.

Official Scorecards: 30-27 across the board, Anthony Johnson wins by unanimous decision.

Phil Davis vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira - Round 1 - Davis looks for a head kick early and can't get it. Head kick lands for Davis the next time he throws it though. Nice right by Nogueira and Davis drives him into the cage and lands some knees to the thigh. Davis pushes him around the cage but can't get the takedown. Nogueira counters with a left hand. Davis shoots again and again Nogueira defends well. Davis not being able to get the fight on the ground is a very big deal. Left hand counter by Nogueira again. 10-9 Nogueira for landing the harder shots and dictating where the fight was fought.

Round 2 - High kick by Davis is blocked to start the round. Davis avoids a left hand from Nogueira. Davis keeps throwing the high kick and it's the only real strike he's having any success with. Body kick by Davis now. Nogueira keeps looking to counter but his punches aren't really landing so far and Davis fails on another takedown attempt. Now a hard shot gets through for Nogueira. Left hand by Nogueira lands. Davis finally gets the fight to the ground. Nogueira tries to kick him off but is held down. Davis landing some nice punches now. Davis finishes the round landing big knees to the body. 10-9 Davis, the last round will decide it on my card.

Round 3 - Jumping knee by Davis and a blocked head kick. Single leg by Davis gets the fight on the ground again. Nogueira tries to spin out but Davis takes his back briefly. Davis tries to work ground and pound but Nog sweeps and gets back to his feet. Body kick by Davis. Davis shoots for the single again but this time Nog is able to defend. Davis shoots again and this time gets the takedown. Davis on top in half guard not doing a ton of work but throwing enough body shots to not get stood up. 10-9 Davis and he won the fight 29-28 on my card.

Official Scorecard: 30-27 across the board. Phil Davis wins by unanimous decision.

UFC Fight Night 24: Nogueira vs. Davis coverage

Results and play-by-play for the Facebook fights after the jump

Brian Hemminger here, I'll be doing the live play-by-play for all five Facebook fights.

Heavyweight: Sean McCorkle (10-1) vs Christian Morecraft (6-1)

Round 1: Leg kick from Morecraft to get things started as both men feel each other out.  Morecraft lunges in with a couple hooks and clinches McCorkle against the fence. Morecraft is working for the takedown but McCorkle takes him down and starts pounding away from Morecraft's guard. Morecraft searching for a leg lock and McCorkle looks to be in trouble! McCorkle slips out but Morecraft ends up in top position. Morecraft advances to half guard and starts dropping some big elbows from above. McCorkle retains full guard and Morecraft backs off. McCorkle taunts Morecraft a bit and I'm wondering why the referee isn't standing them up as both men are just posturing here. Morecraft finally dives back in and McCorkle rolls, turtling as Morecraft throws some ground and pound. Morecraft passes to side control and drops some big elbows as the horn sounds. I've got it 10-9 Morecraft.

Round 2: Morecraft gets things started in the second round by pushing McCorkle into the cage. Morecraft finds some space and tees off with a big flurry of punches. Morecraft attempts a clinch takedown and McCorkle almost takes his back but slips off. McCorkle looks to attack his arm with a kimura but Morecraft frees his arm and starts dropping some big ground and pound. McCorkle is busted open now and Morecraft is targeting the cut with his elbow. Morecraft allows McCorkle to get back to his feet. Morecraft initiates a clinch and lands a big knee that smacks McCorkle directly in his family jewels. This may be exactly what McCorkle needs with some time to recover. They reset McCorkle attempts a slow takedown that Morecraft stuffs. Morecraft attempts a standing guillotine and he's really cranking on McCorkle's neck here. McCorkle goes limp! He's out cold! Looks like we don't have to worry about that article afterall. Christian Morecraft def. Sean McCorkle via technical submission (standing guillotine) at 4:10 of Round 3

Bantamweight: Michael McDonald (11-1) vs Edwin Figueroa (7-0)

Round 1: McDonald opens strong with a big flurry as both fighters trade. Figueroa is pinned against the cage and these guys are throwing! Very exciting pace to get things going. McDonald is definitely getting the better of these exchanges. He's got tremendous poise for such a young fighter. McDonald ducks a wild hook and lands a beautiful right hand counter. Another heated exchange and McDonald lands a clean straight right. Figueroa is having issues getting inside here. McDonald initiates a clinch and takes Figueroa down with ease. They get to their feet and McDonald tags Figueroa with a huge right hook as the round ends. I've got it 10-9 McDonald.

Round 2: Figueroa opens with a big head kick attempt and McDonald catches it and takes him down.  Figueroa works for a leg lock and switches to an angle lock but McDonald slips out and takes his back.  McDonald has his hooks in and he's looking for a rear naked choke. He appears to have it locked in but Figueroa slips out.  Another rear naked attempt and Figueroa finds a way to slip out again. McDonald switches to an triangle and it's tight but Figueroa again slips out. Big armbar transition from McDonald here and Figueroa's arm is bending backwards but he won't tap. Figueroa escapes again and takes top position on McDonald! Figueroa pounds away from top position and tries to take his back as the round ends. I've got it 10-9 still for McDonald

Round 3: McDonal's pace has drastically slowed at the start of this round.  He's lost a lot of zip on his punches. Figueroa finally lunges in and lands a big punch that hurts McDonald. Figueroa continues the attack but McDonald beautifully times Figueroa and takes him down. Figueroa gets back to his feet but McDonald takes him down again. Figueroa sweeps McDonald and advances to side control. McDonald wisely retains full guard and he throws up an armbar but Figueroa slips out. This kid is like the Ben Henderson of 135. Figueroa backs off and lets McDonald to his feet. Big knee to the body and a head kick from Figueroa but McDonald shoots in and takes Figueroa down with authority. Figueroa attempts some rubber guard but McDonald remains on top as the fight concludes. Closest round of the fight but I'm leaning 10-9 McDonald with his takedowns. Michael McDonald def. Edwin Figueroa via unanimous decision (30-27).

 Welterweight: John Hathaway (14-1) vs Kris McCray (5-2)

Round 1: Both men exchange early and McCray clinches working for a takedown along the fence. McCray secures the takedown but Hathaway drops down for a leg lock. Hathaway is really torquing on McCray's leg but he can't finish the submission and McCray escapes. Hathaway temporarily takes top position but McCray grabs him and takes Hathaway down into side control. Hathaway retains full guard but McCray is content to throw ground and pound from full guard. Hathaway is very active from bottom with elbows and he pushes off escaping to his feet. McCray tags him with a kick on his way up and Hathaway responds with a knee of his own at the end of the round. Close round, I think I'm leaning 10-9 Hathaway.

Round 2: The fighters go the ground quickly to start the round and Hathaway works for a triangle. He gives up on the triangle but switches to an arm bar.  It's close, but McCray twists out and drops some punches from top position. Hathaway escapes to his feet and both men trade knees to the body. McCray drops for a takedown and he's got a hold of Hathaway's left leg working for a single-leg takedown. Hathaway weasles his way out and both men exchange punches in the center of the cage. Hathaway is getting the better of the strikes and he initiates a clinch, landing a knee to McCray's chest. Hathaway lands a nice 1-2 combo on McCray. Hathaway attempts a takedown but McCray reverses him and lands in the mount for the last 10 seconds of the round. Another close round but I've got it 10-9 Hathaway.

Round 3: Big knee from Hathaway to open the round and he takes McCray down, landing short punches from top position. McCray is very tired but he's still defending. Hathaway advances to half guard and throws some short elbows. Hathaway attempts to pass but McCray sweeps him and lands on top. Hathaway backs up against the cage, looking to wall-walk back to his feet. He is temporarily up but McCray takes him back down. Hathaway again gets to his feet and finally escapes McCray's grasp. After both men separate, Hathaway shoots in and takes McCray down. Hathaway throws some brief ground and pound, and attempts a big knee as McCray gets to his feet but it misses. McCray shoots for a takedown but he's stuffed and Hathaway takes him down, throwing some weak ground and pound as the fight concludes. 10-9 Hathaway. John Hathaway defeats Kris McCray via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Featherweight: Alex Caceres (4-2) vs Mackens Semerzier (5-3)

Round 1: Both men trade kicks early and Semerzier initiates a clinch, scoring a takedown into Caceres' full guard. Semerzier stacks Caceres up but Cacerus gets back to his feet. Another takedown by Semerzier and Caceres again gets back to his feet only to be taken down with authority by Semerzier, this time into full mount. Semerzier starts pounding away on Caceres and he takes Ceceres' back looking for the choke. Semerzier is a little too high up Caceres' back and Caceres postures up trying to shake him off. Semerzier regains his position and drops down, snaking his arm in deep for a rear naked choke and "Bruce Leroy" taps. Mackens Semerzier def. Alex Caceres via submission (rear naked choke) 3:18 Round 1

Kid Nate tagging in for Brian. Everyone give him a shout out and a warm welcome. 

Heavyweight: Jon Madsen (7-0) vs Mike Russow (13-1)

Round 1 Russow takes center cage, jiving and juking. Russow throwing but Madsen connects first. Russow clinches but Madsen throws him off. Russow shoots, Madsen backs away. Madsen in a south paw stance. Russow charges. Madsen shrugs him off. Repeat. Madsen winging punches and charging in, Russow backs away. Russow charges and lands a right hook. Leg kick, Madsen. Madsen winging punches, Russow clinches, Madsen escapes. Madsen charges, they butt heads. Rossow clinches, tries a throw. Leg kicks Madsen, a knee, Russow with more hooks. Right from Russow. Another. Backing Madsen up, Russow charges, eats a right hand. Madsen gets away circles to center cage. Russow charges. Another head butt. He lands some punches, backs Madsen up. Madsen lands a combo. Russow charges, landed with his shoulder. Madsen lands a hard punch to the face as the buzzer rings. Bloody Elbow scores it 10-9 for Russow. 

Round 2 Madsen agains in southpaw. Russow charging, Madsen countering. Madsen rushing behind punches. Hard right and another charge from Russow. Russow charging behind a combination, 1-2-3 all landing. He forces Madsen back into the cage. Knee to the body from Madsen. Madsen with a bruised eye. Russow gets a take down. Has Madsen on his hands and knees, landing to the head. Madsen gets free. Madsen swings and Russow ducks under for the take down. Madsen on his hands and knees. Russow with head control. Madsen swings back and Russow puts him on his back. Russow cradles Madsen after the latter rolls to his belly. Terrible restart. Cradle is a dominant position, not a stalemate. Madsen lands a hard knee to the body. They clinch up. Russow tries for an inside trip. Another restart. Russow charges behind a hard right hand. They clinch again. Russow gets a headlock, gets a front snap take down, Madsen spins, Russow takes his back. Russow landing to the head. Bell rings. Bloody Elbow scores it 10-9 Russow. Madsen's left eye is swollen completely shut. 

The doctor's stop the fight. TKO Jon Russow defeats Jon Madsen by TKO after two rounds.