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Bobby Lashley vs. John Ott Fight Video: Titan FC 17

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Titan Fighting Championship 17 was held in Memorial Hall in Kansas City Missouri with a card that featured former WWE superstar Bobby Lashley as he faced a late replacement in John Ott. As if going up against a monster of a man such as Lashley on short notice wasn't already a huge mountain to climb Ott faced upwards to a 40 lb. disadvantage on fight night.

Play-by-Play via Duane Finley:
Round 1: The size difference between Ott and Lashley is incredible Ott lands an overhand right. Lashley shoots in for a double leg and scoops up Ott and powerslams him down. Lashley works the ground and pound and is mauling Ott. Lashley smothering from the top and he is bombing down right hands on Ott. Lashley smashes Ott with three huge forearms and Ott continues to hold on. Three more right hands from Lashley and Ott is taking them like a champ. Lashley is reigning down shots and Ott's face is bloody and bashed. Ott is throwing hammer fists from the bottom and it's amazing he's still in the fight. Lashley lands left, right, left, right and Ott flails from the impact and survives the round. Ott gives a thumbs up as he pops back up to his feet as Lashley took the first round.

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Round 2: Ott comes out with a spinning backfist and pushes Lashley back. Lashley looks exhausted as he heaves forward with his hands down. Ott lands an outside leg kick. Lashley attempts a jab and misses but he grabs on for the double and once again slams Ott to the ground. I can't see Ott surviving another another round like the first and Lashley has him pinned against the cage. Lashley rears back and blasts Ott with another right hand and moves to side control. Lashley looking to pin down Ott's arm ala Roy Nelson but Ott uses the cage to spin to North/South. Lashley gets him back to side control as he continues to use hammer fists and elbows on Ott. One minute remaining and Lashley has slowed considerably. Ott is still throwing shots from the bottom and Ott survives to the bell. Lashley is exhausted and Ott is bashed. 2-0 Lashley.

Round 3: Ott zigs and zags and lands three punches. Ott is jabbering at Lashley Ott hits him again. Lashley's hands are down and Ott catches him with an uppercut and a right hand. Ott is trying to stay elusive Lashley is gasping and Ott charges across the ring and hits Lashley with two punches and Lashley gets ahold of him and takes him down. The crowd that was once on their feet literally shut down when Lashley scores takedown. He is going to win this fight but I can't see the critics lightening up on him. One minute remains and Lashley is holding down. Ott has no answer for the massive Lashley. As the fight ends Lashley stands up and is cut up from the elbows Ott threw from the bottom. Trigg is explaining that Ott is a natural 185 lb. fighter who took everything Lashley had.

Round 1: Nolte lands an outside leg kick as Nolte puts Baroni against the cage and lands two hard knees. Baroni throws a knee to the body as he keeps Baroni against the cage. Baroni reverses and puts Nolte into the cage but he can't keep Nolte there as Nolte overpowers him back into the cage. Nolte with another big knee to the midsection and Baroni tries to drop down but he can't get the space he needs. Baroni throws two big shots that land but Nolte unphased. Baroni starts throwing punches wildly but nothing lands. Nolte looks to push him back into the cage but Baroni drops down and finally gets the takedown. Two minutes left and Baroni is on top landing punches. Nolte throws his legs up looking to escape but Baroni moves into side control. Baroni leaves an arm in and Nolte goes for the armbar but Baroni swings around and goes back to side control. Nolte works from the bottom as he lands knees to Baroni's side. Baroni finished the round on top but Nolte did damage early. Bloody Elbow gives round one Nolte 10-9.

Round 2: Baroni lands three big punches from behind Nolte to open the second as the action goes back to the cage. Baroni takes Nolte to the ground and works from inside of the guard. Baroni postures up and misses with two shots as Nolte ties him up. The referee stands them up and after trading punches Baroni takes Nolte to the ground. Nolte has ahold of the arm but Baroni is able to pull it loose and moves to side control. Baroni throwing short elbows but there isn't much on them as the crowd starts to boo a bit. 20 seconds left in the second and there hasn't been much action in the second but Baroni takes the second for scoring a takedown and keeping Nolte pinned down 10-9.

Round 3: It's anyone's fight and Nolte lands two big punches to open the final frame. Baroni fires back but Nolte throws a spinning heel kick that lands on Baroni. Baroni looks gassed and Nolte is looking exhuasted as well. Nolte lands a high knee and two more punches as Baroni sits back against the cage and gets peppered with two more shots. Nolte tries another spinning kick but misses and walks up and knees Baroni in the face again. Baroni slumps in and grabs on for the takedown. Baroni looks for the full mount and with two minutes to go Nolte is doing a good job of tying him up. Baroni gives up the attempt to mount and moves to side control. There has been some movement but no offense so to speak. 45 seconds left and the crowd boos. The fight ends with Baroni laying in side control and Nolte slams the canvas because he couldn't get Baroni off of him.