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UFC 128 Results: Jon Jones Demolishes Shogun Rua to Take UFC Title

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Jon Jones def. Mauricio Rua via TKO (Punches and Knees), photo via Ed Mulholland for
Jon Jones def. Mauricio Rua via TKO (Punches and Knees), photo via Ed Mulholland for

Jon Jones came into UFC 128 and took Mauricio Rua's title as if Shogun never had it. It took three rounds but the outcome never seemed in doubt. Jones stopped Rua by a TKO at 3:27 of the third round. 

Jones came in aggressive and wild, throwing spinning kicks before taking Rua down. Shogun threw his hips up looking for a triangle. Jones kept him cradled and used a leg to maintain top half guard (or what catch wrestlers call a saddle ride) as Shogun worked to sweep up. Shogun got Jones' leg and strained for a sweep but Jones rode out the wave like a surfer of human kinetic energy. Jones landed hard elbows to the head. Shogun fought to his feet. Jones landed bombing punches as a stunned Shogun struggled to survive. Shogun looked finished but kept coming foward. Jones landed brutal knees to the chest then landed a hard leg kick. Jones went for a spinning back elbow but Shogun grabbed his back then dove for a leg lock. Jones pounced and landed in Shogun's half guard. 

In the second they clinched and Jones landed a brutal spinning back elbow then a beautiful straight 1-2 combination. Shogun waded through some punches to fight to the clinch. They separated and Shogun winged from too far outside. Body punch from Jones. Straight left punch followed by a straight kick. Jones caught a leg kick and slammed Shogun down. From Shogun's half-guard, Jones blitzed with elbows. Shogun bled from 2/3 of the orifi on his face. Shogun went for a sweep but Jones just made himself real heavy and rode it out. At the end of the round, Jones spun and went for a knee bar but Shogun hooked his foot behind his knee and prevented Jones from extending it.

Shogun lunged forward but ate kicks and uppercuts for his troubles. Shogun forced Jones down in a very interesting scramble but Jones ended up on top in Shogun's half-guard. Jones pinned Rua's right arm below his left leg and fired with punches. Shogun somehow fought back to his feat but Jones beat him down. 

Jones came into the fight on a wave of hype. The 23 year old had lost in the UFC before but only via disqualification. Shogun had experienced both the highs and lows with big wins and big losses. He came into the fight off a ten month layoff after his third knee surgery in four years. Shogun did not look good in this fight, he was carrying several extra pounds.

$70,000 fight-night bonuses:

- Fight of the Night: Edson Barboza vs. Anthony Njokuani
- Knockout of the Night: Brendan Schaub
- Knockout of the Night: Erik Koch