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UFC 128 Results: Urijah Faber Decisions Eddie Wineland

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Photo by Ken Pishna via <a href="" target="new">MMA Weekly</a>.
Photo by Ken Pishna via MMA Weekly.

Eddie Wineland put up a game fight but was worn down by the speed and wrestling of Urijah Faber. The two former WEB champs put on a good fight as Faber took a unanimous decision over three rounds in the bantamweight class.

Faber came out early and shot for a take down that Wineland shrugged off. Then another. Afterward Wineland went for his own take down from the clinch, almost took Faber's back and got a slam. Faber fought his way to his feet quickly. Faber caught him with a stiff right hand. Faber with a counter left hook to set up a single leg attempt that Wineland stuffed. Faber then tried for a throw and Wineland pulled a beautiful whizzer to keep it on the feet. Faber swung and missed. Wineland landed a hard right hand off a leg kick from Faber . Faber with a smart uppercut.

Wineland showed a big knot on the forehead from a looping right hand over the top between rounds.

They traded strikes to open the second. Wineland missing, Faber missing. Leg kick from Wineland. Faber with a sweet single leg to big kick for the trip take down. Landed in Wineland's guard. Elbows from Faber. Faber picked him up and slammed Wineland hard. Hard elbows rained down. Then hard right hands. Faber seemed happy to be inside Wineland's guard throwing strikes down, left elbows and right hands. Another pick up and slam down. 

Faber looked more tired coming into the third. Faber controlled the distanced and made Wineland miss but didn't land much of his own. Wineland forced a clinch and pressed Faber into the clinch. Left hand landed from Faber then a hard right uppercut. Faber landed combinations and moved away from Wineland. Some beautiful wrestling on the feet ended with Faber getting an incredible double leg followed by a slam and some hard elbows. 

Two former WEC champs made their UFC debuts at UFC 128. Former featherweight champ Urijah Faber made his second visit to 135lbs against former bantamweight champ Eddie Wineland