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UFC 128 Fight Card Primer: Joseph Benavidez vs. Ian Loveland

Benavidez vs. Loveland, photo via
Benavidez vs. Loveland, photo via

The #2 ranked bantamweight in the world, Joseph Benavidez (13-2), makes his UFC debut on the undercard of UFC 128 when he faces Ian Loveland (14-7, 1-0 UFC). The bout is not scheduled to air but may be shown if time permits.

How do these guys stack up?

Benavidez: 26 years old, 5'4"
Loveland: 27 years old, 5'8"

What have they done lately?

Benavidez: W Wagnney Fabiano (SUB), L Dominick Cruz (DEC), W Miguel Torres (SUB)
Loveland: W Tyler Toner (DEC), W Xavier Desrochers (TKO), W Douglas Evans (KO)

How did these guys get here?

Joseph Benavidez climbed to the #2 spot in the world with with a 5-2 record in the WEC including wins over the likes of Miguel Torres and Rani Yahya. He earned a WEC bantamweight championship fight with Dominick Cruz at WEC 50, at that point Cruz was the only man to hold a victory over Benavidez. Cruz came up the winner in the rematch but Benavidez rebounded with a win over Wagnney Fabiano prior to the WEC being merged into the UFC.

Ian Loveland started his career out 7-7 but starting in late 2007 he went on a tear. Loveland made his UFC debut on the finale of the twelfth season of The Ultimate Fighter with a decision win over Tyler Toner. Known for his power, Loveland is a stiff test for any 135 pounder as proven by his current 7 fight win streak.

Why should you care?

Any fight involving the #2 fighter in a weight class is deserving of your attention. Loveland will test Benavidez but it's a test that should be passed.