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UFC 128 Fight Card: Nate Marquardt Fighting Dan Miller, Talking Michael Bisping

Photo by <a href="" target="new">Sherdog.</a>
Photo by Sherdog.

Nate Marquardt will be fighting the game Dan Miller at UFC 128. Miller is a short-notice substitute for Yoshihiro Akiyama who had to drop out due to the tragic disaster in Japan. Miller is a tough opponent, but Marquardt seems to have his mind on other middle-weights, namely Michael Bisping whose behavior at UFC 127 was beyond the pale.

Marquardt spoke to MMA Fighting yesterday:

"I would love to fight that guy just to punch him in his mouth and shut him up. That'd be nice. He's an ass, he's a total punk, just no respect. I don't like Bisping. The crap talking and whatever, that's one thing. Guys hype up fights. And even guys that are just like that naturally, I don't hold that against them. But the fact that he goes and spits in his opponent's corner? That's so disrespectful. That's not what a martial artist does and it's not what a sportsman does."

Marquardt joins a long line of top middleweights who have called out Bisping in recent weeks. Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort both have made their bad intentions for the Brit very clear.

Who would you like to see get the next crack at Bisping?

HT MMA Mania.