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Paul Daley Unhappy With UFC's Purchase of Strikeforce

Strikeforce: Diaz vs Daley - Apr 9th, live on Showtime from San Diego, California
Strikeforce: Diaz vs Daley - Apr 9th, live on Showtime from San Diego, California

Paul Daley has won four fights in a row since the sucker punch of Josh Koscheck at UFC 113. On April 9th, he could be crowned the STRIKEFORCE World Welterweight Champion, but with the news of UFC's purchase of Strikeforce, he posted his frustrations on the Underground forums:

"Business as usual, what if i dont wanna fight for DANA WHITE/ZUFFA?......Dana white bans me for life from the UFC, Then buys STRIKEFORCE, and thinks im still gonna be EASY and fight on one of the most anticipated fights of the year (vs (Nick) Diaz)? Which will no doubt make ZUFFA/Dana White money."

"Not sure what I'm gonna do right now, honestly, fight for the Strikeforce and be Strikeforce champ, put money in Zuffa/Dana White's pockets? Or fight here, in the UK for BAMMA, who appreciate my brand, and have my loyal fans, family and media support me. For real. I have a great deal at BAMMA and make just as much money, believe it or not, as I do in the USA. They appreciate my services and what I bring to the company. There is still a lot of competition out there, not all the best fighters are with UFC/Strikeforce, just they get the most recognition."

Dave Meltzer gives Paul Daley some advice:

"Dave's words to the wise. If you are with Strikeforce and you are mad at this deal, that is for your agent to handle with the company, don't go on twitter and for God's sake don't do it this week without thinking. And also, think long-term. Companies fold all the time and fighters come and go. Unless you have a history of drawing big money or are set for life, what you think is here today when it comes to options, may not be there tomorrow. Don't be that guy."

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