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Shark Fights 14 Live Results and Play-by-Play

Shark Fights' 2011 debut goes down tonight in Lubbock, Texas, where middleweight Matt Horwich meets fellow UFC vet Danillo Villefort in the middleweight main event of Shark Fights 14. The co-main event features two of the best female fighters at 125lb as Carina Damm takes on Tara LaRosa. will have full results and round-by-round coverage starting with the main card live on HDNet at 10 p.m. ET.

"The Voice" on the microphone with Frank Trigg, Duane on the live blog and here we go!

Quick results; full play-by-play after the jump.

Danillo Villefort def. Matt Horwich via Unanimous Decision
Tara LaRosa def. Carina Damm via Inverted Heal Hook :28 Rd. 2
Mike Bronzoulis def. Lucas Lopez via Unanimous Decision
Eric Davila def. Alex Cisne via TKO 1:03 Rd. 3
Gabe Vasquez def. Layne Hernandez via Front Guillotine Choke 1:29 Rd. 3
Joseph Sandoval def. Sean Shakour via Unanimous Decision

Shark Fights 14: Horwich vs. Villefort coverage



 Matt Horwich vs. Danillo Villefort

Round 1: The main event gets underway and Villefort lands a straight right to get things started. Villefort with another shot and Horwich presses forward. Horwich grabs a body lock and takes the action to the cage but Villefort escapes. Villefort with a legkick and body shot as they circle back to the center. The figthers exchange legkicks and Villefort lands a big combination. Villefort lands an uppercut and then a trip to hit the canvas in sidecontrol. Horwich quickly back to his feet and eats another left hand from Villefort. Uppercut and a left hook both land from Villefort and his speed looks to be too much for Horwich so far. Elbow and jab from Villefort but Horwich keeps coming. Matt latches onto a single leg against the cage and Horwich continues to work for the takedown. Villefort with another judo takedown and once again he can't keep Horwich down. Left/right combination from Villefort once again that land and a body kick from Horwich. Uppercut lands once again for Villefort and he shoots in for a powerful double leg. The first round comes to a close and Bloody Elbow scores the round Villefort 10-9.

Round 2: The second round begins and Villefort puts an outside leg kick that drops Horwich for a second. Villefort goes for the takedown but slips and lands on the bottom with Horwich in his guard. Villefort reverses and the fighters return to their feet just as Horwich shoots but is stuffed. The action goes into the cage Horwich lands a body shot on the break. Uppercut from Villefort and the Brazilian shucks Horwich down. Jab into takedown for Villefort and he is in half guard with Horwich on his back. Villefort attempts to pass but Horwich works solid defense to keep him at bay. Villefort attempts to jump to side control but Horwich swings his hips and puts Villefort back in full guard. Horwich escapes and drops down for a single agains the cage. 30 seconds left in the frame and Horwich lands two solid knees to the thigh. Villefort whips another judo takedown and should seal the action in the second10-9.

Round 3: Horwich needs something big to win and he lands a straight right hand followed up by a takedown to begin the third. Villefort eats two shots and grabs onto a knee but Horwich defends as he drops a right hand. Villefort continues to try for the kneebar and holds onto the leg as he scrambles to his feet. Villefort swings around for the takedown and Horwich now goes for the knee. Finally Villefort abandons the knee bar and Horwich pulls high guard with Villefort in top position. The Brazilian breaks the rubber guard and drops elbows on Horwich as his head is against the cage. The fight gets stood up and Villefort glances a back elbow and lands the takedown with two mintues remaining. Horwich on his back with 1:30 remaining and the elbow opens up a gash on Horwich's face. Horwich continues to work from the bottom and has Villefort's arm. Horwich goes for the shoulder lock and and with ten seconds Villefort holds on for the win. Bloody Elbow scores the fight a clean sweep 30-27 for Villefort. Let's see what the judges say.

Danillo Villefort takes the unanimous decision victory 30-27.

Tara LaRosa vs. Carina Damm


Round 1: The highly anticipated fight gets underway and LaRosa lands an inside leg kick. Damm lands a legkick of her own LaRosa lands a left right combo on the counter. Push kick from LaRosa and Damm returns the favor with an outside legkick. Damm throws a head kick that gets blocked and LaRosa lands a hard left. Flurry against the cage and LaRosa lands two punches as they clinch against the cage. Damm gets the trip and the takedown and Damm in mount. LaRosa stays busy and swings around and fights off Damm who tries for the armbar. LaRosa in top position in closed guard and she postures up but back to her knees. Big elbow from LaRosa as she works the ground and pound as this work is winning her the round. LaRosa postures up again and breaks wrist control with two shots that land. The first round comes to a close and Bloody Elbow gives the first to LaRosa 10-9. 

Round 2: The second round begins and the action hits the mat as Damm grabbed onto a leg lock. LaRosa drops back and grabs a reverse heel hook and Damm taps at 4:31.

Tara LaRosa wins via submission (inverted heel hook) Rnd 2.

Lucas Lopes vs. Mikel Bronzoulis

Round 1: Microphone problems in the cage continue and the fight gets underway. Bronzoulis lands a low kick and then fires a high kick that drops Lopes to the canvas. Lopes gets back to his feet and Bronzoulis lands another leg kick straigh right combination. Lopes scores the takedown but can't get anything in as Bronzoulis gets back to his feet. Lopes lands a leg kick and a jab. Lopes lands a shot that backs Bronzoulis up and Lopes chases him down firing punches and a high knee to finish. Bronzoulis slips out and tries to make distance but Lopes runs him down and repeats the flurry. Lopes lands a smacking spinning backfist that gets more glove than face and Bronzoulis is starting to get busted up. Lopes goes for the takedown but Bronzoulis gets him to the ground. Kneebar attempt produces nothing and they return to the feet. Muay Thai clinch from Lopes and he lands a hard knee to the midsection. Lopes throwing punches that all get blocked as Bronzoulis waves him forward. Two big uppercuts from Lopes who is cut above his left eye and they trade punches. Bronzoulis lands a big left hand and Lopes shoots in for the double. After some struggling Lopes lands the takedown. Bronzoulis gets back to his feet as the round comes to an end. Bloody Elbow scores the first round to Lopes 10-9.

Round 2:  A flurry of action to start the second and Bronzoulis lands first. Lopes looks to counter but only lands the back end of the combination. Bronzoulis lands a left hand as the action goes into the cage. Lopes comes over the top with a sharp elbow that lands on Bronzoulis's forehead. Uppercut followed by a right hand by Lopes and as Bronzoulis comes forward Lopes goes for a single. Both fighters look tired as they lock up in the Muay Thai clinch. Both throw knees that miss and Bronzoulis gets the takedown. "The Greek" had his back but Lopes rolls over to the guard. Bronzoulis backs off to allow Lopes to stand and lands a low kick once he's on his feet. The fighters lock up again and Lopes falls down to pull guard. Bronzoulis lands a smasher of a knee and then a hard left that pushes Lopes back. Bronzoulis spins around and takes Lopes's back and lands two big knees from the side. Lopes's face is swollen and busted as he drops to the canvas looking for the single. Bronzoulis lands a left, right, left combination and as Lopes covers he gets smashed once again with a knee strike. The round comes to an end with Lopes exhausted and bleeding and Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 Bronzoulis.

Round 3:  Tied at one round a piece the final round begins with Lopes landing first. Bronzoulis lands a leg kick of his own but eats an overhand elbow. Both throw jabs that land and Bronzoulis just misses with a right hand. Bronzoulis gets a piece of Lopes with a right hand and then shoots in sloppily for a takedown that is easily stuffed. Lopes shoots in again but is stuffed. He manages to grab a single and holds on as he eats hammerfists from Bronzoulis. Lopes continues to work for a takedown and he finally gets it but isn't able to keep Bronzoulis down. Lopes shoots once again and is stuffed but he eats another knee on the way up. At the two minute mark the action is against the cage and Lopes throws a knee that misses. In the clinch Lopes finally lands a knee and Bronzoulis goes to the cage. The final minute of the fight and both fighters look spent as they clinch against the cage. Both land knees coming off the cage and the final ten seconds Lopes shoots but is stuffed again. This will be a tough round to score but Lopes out worked Bronzoulis in the final frame. Bloody Elbow is giving the 1st and 3rd to Lopes for the win. Let's see what the judges say.

Mike "The Greek" Bronzoulis gets the unanimous decision victory (29-28).

Alex Cisne vs. Eric Davila
Round 1: The fighters touch gloves and Cisne lands a side kick to get the fight started. Davila lands a big right hand that backs Cisne up. Davila throws a 1-2 that lands and another left hook as the action hits the cage. The fighters lock up in the clinch and Cisne latches onto a single leg. After a quick struggle Cisne picks the leg up high and takes Davila to the mat. Can't hold him down as Davila gets back to his feet and they return to the cage in the clinch. Cisne is cut and lands a body kick off the break. Davila lands a left to the body but Cisne with a quick trip and Davila goes to the canvas. Davila quick to get to his feet and the fighters trade knees in the clinch. Davila lands two good knees the midsection and Cisne hits the switch and lands the takedown. Cisne quickly takes his back and goes for the rear naked but can't get the choke. Davila fights to get Cisne off of his back and Cisne continues to land big knees to Davila's thighs. The first round comes to an end and Bloody Elbow scores the first to Cisne 10-9.

Round 2: A sidekick from Cisne misses and Davila walks him down. The fighters lock up in the clinch and retun to the cage. Cisne grabs the single leg and scores the takedown. Cisne is in side control as he lands body shots. Cisne quickly scrambles around to take the back but Davila works to fight him off. Cisne once again goes to the backside but lets go of the bodylock to return to the clinch. Cisne drops down for another single leg but Davila is able to stay on his feet. Davila grabs onto the guillotine but lets it go when Cisne drops down for the single again. The fighters break Davila lands a left hand. Cisne throws another sidekick and Davila lands a left hand with his back to the cage. Cisne lands a straight right but the flurry behind it misses. Davila smashes Cisne with a right cross and Cisne's face cut up. The second round comes to an end and despite the action at the end, Cisne outworked Davila to take the second round 10-9.

Round 3: Another sidekick lands to open the round and Cisne is looking gassed. His hands are down as he takes big breaths as Davila lands a big right. Cisne is hurt and he wobbles around as Davila pounds away at him. Cisne's back against the fence in big trouble and Davila lands another right hand and Cisne goes down. The referee jumps in at 3:57 to stop the fight and Davila takes the victory.

Eric Davila comes back to win by TKO Rnd 3

Layne Hernandez vs. Gabe Vasquez

Round 1: Big John gives the instructions and the action begins as Vasquez misses a huge head kick and Hernandez gets the takedown. Vasquez latches onto Hernandez's arm from the bottom and goes for the armbar. Hernandez works to get his arm free and takes Vasquez's back and tries to flatten Gabe out. Hernandez too high on Vasquez's back and Layne fights to keep the position. Vasquez slips out the back side and Hernandez turns to meet him as both fighters collide and hit the canvas with Hernandez in top position. Once again Hernandez takes his back and Vasquez perfectly times a back elbow that lands flush. Hernandez will finish the round in top position and Bloody Elbow gives Hernandez the first round 10-9.

Round 2: The second round underway and Hernandez gets the early double leg takedown. He wastes no time in taking Vasquez's back and rather than take the hooks he moves to the side. Vasquez rolls over looking for the kneebar but can't keep his grip. Hernandez turns and both fighters return to their feet. Vasquez lands a head kick smack on Hernandez's chin and Hernandez wobbles away looking for an escape. Vasquez pursues and the action returns to the ground. Vasquez tries to latch up a triangle but Hernandez works free and takes top position. Hernandez is bleeding as he attempts to take Vasquez's back as the round ends. Tough round to call but Bloody Elbow gives the round to Hernandez 10-9.

Round 3: The final frame opens up and the action hits the fence after Vasquez lands a big punch. Hernandez scoops up Vasquez for the slam but Vasquez grabs onto the guillotine. Hernandez doesn't like he's going to make it out of the guillotine and Big John steps in to call the fight at 1:29.

Gabe Vasquez wins via submission (guillotine).

Sean Shakour vs. Joseph Sandoval
Round 1: The action gets under way as the fighters meet in the middle of the cage and Shakour immediately shoots in for the double and takes Sandoval to the ground. Sandoval tries to make distance but Shakour scrambles and takes the back. Shakour moves from hooks to a body triangle and Sandoval is in trouble. Shakour landing bombs to soften Sandoval up with a minute left Sandoval trying to survive. Shakour can't seem to get under the chin so he sits back and lands cleanly at will. The first round coming to a close and Sandoval pulls a rapid reversal at the bell. The first round dominated by Shakour and Bloody Elbow gives him a 10-9.

Round 2: Shakour opens the second frame with another strong takedown. Sandoval once again looks to create some distance and gives up his back. Unlike the first round Sandoval pulls the reversal quickly and lands in top position. Sandoval puts Shakour into the fence and drops three hard elbows on Shakour. Sandoval grinding his elbow into Shakour's face and eats two more punches. Shakour not trying to get out from the bottom and Sandoval pins down his shoulder and lands three more clean shots. Sandoval comes back to tie things up as Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 for Sandoval.

Round 3:
Going into the final frame it's anyones game and Shakour throws a few wild punches before he shoots in for the takedown. Sandoval finally succeeds in stuffing the takedown and overpowers Shakour as he throws him to the ground. Sandoval is in control as he pounds away but Shakour finds an opening and reverses position. Shakour quickly takes the back but just like the first round Sandoval turns into the hold and takes the top position. Sandoval tees off and Shakour is bleeding. Sandoval is pulling away with the fight and dives into Shakour's guard and continues to land shots. Sandoval takes full mount with 20 seconds left and is dropping elbows and punches until the final bell sounds. Sandoval comes back to take the third round as well 10-9. I don't imagine the judges should disagree as I score the fight 29-28 Sandoval.

Judges agree and Joseph Sandoval takes the unanimous decision 29-28.