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After Earthquake, Japanese MMA on Hold

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From<a href="" target="new"> Yoshihiro Akiyama's photo gallery </a>of the earthquake.
From Yoshihiro Akiyama's photo gallery of the earthquake.

The 8.9 Tohoku Region Pacific Ocean Earthquake and follow-up Tsunami have devastated Japan today forcing the cancellation of numerous events. Several fighters have posted online about their experiences in the disaster, fortunately so far no fighters have been reported missing or hurt. The disaster comes as Japanese MMA was already on the ropes after a long string of bad news.

Sherdog has details on the cancellations and the earthquake:

Multiple major Japanese promotions were scheduled to hold events this weekend. Women's promotion Jewels was scheduled to run Friday afternoon at Shinjuku Face in Tokyo, while leading Shooto promoter Sustain was to stage "Shootor's Legacy 2" at Tokyo's Korakuen Hall on Saturday afternoon. Pancrase was set to continue its 2011 "Impressive Tour" at Azalea Taisho Hall in Osaka on Sunday. All three events have temporarily had the breaks put on them.
The earthquake, already called the "Tohoku Region Pacific Ocean Earthquake" by the Japanese media, is believed to be the largest earthquake to hit Japan in recorded history and the fifth largest in the world since 1900. More than 200 have already been found dead, with another 400-plus reported as missing across six prefectures.

Maggie Hendricks has more:

MMA Fighting photographer Dan Herbertson has also been tweeting about the earthquake, the biggest to hit Japan since earthquakes have been measured. He has posted pictures and updates from around Tokyo. MMA Japan tweeted, "Aoki is OK," referring to lightweight fighter Shinya Aoki, and said that Jewels and Pancrase events for this weekend were canceled. Herbertson reported that Shooto is canceled, as well.