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UFC Champ Frankie Edgar Follows GSP's Lead, Drops Spencer

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It has not been a good 2011 for Shari Spencer. She lost Georges St. Pierre as a client three weeks ago, and now she's lost her other UFC champ, Frankie Edgar. I haven't seen people run away this fast since a French castle launched farm animals at the Knights of the Round Table in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

Bloody Elbow reported that reasons for St. Pierre's split with Spencer were two fold:

From what we can piece together from the rumor mill, it was a break up that was a long time coming and no one in the MMA community was particularly surprised by the move. While Spencer has gotten some nice press over the years, crediting her with St. Pierre's ground breaking deals with Gatorade and Under Armour, those deals only came after the Canadian fighter signed with the venerable Creative Arts Agency in 2008.
Bloody Elbow has learned that money was at the heart of the dispute. St. Pierre was paying Spencer a rumored 20 percent of all the deals she brought to the table. In the end, he decided the famous firm was providing more than enough was and he didn't need an agent and a high profile manager. It was time for one to go.

MMA Fighting reports that Spencer is currently evaluating her options "both within the sport and outside of it." Edgar has yet to comment on his representation status.