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A Bloody Elbow Goodbye...Sort of

Bloodyelbow_medium As of this moment, I am Editor Emeritus here at I am now working full time in MMA as Senior Editor over at I am in charge of With the exception of MMA Nation radio show posts on Sunday, I will no longer be posting any of my writing in this space.

I haven't written much recently, largely because real life was getting in the way. But if you want to keep up with my work, you can do it two different ways. First, follow me on Twitter: @MMANation. Or, provides a handy little tool where you can subscribe to posts I write.

Not that anyone reading this will have any doubt, but this site will be perfectly fine in my absence. Nate and the team know exactly what they're doing. Beyond that, they're still hungry to improve and better serve the readers who love calling this place their online MMA home.

Helping to build this site what it is today has been one of my career's great achievements. It's work that I am profoundly proud of and whose success I hope to take to other ventures.

I want to thank you, the reader, for coming here these many years. Some came to read or watch my stuff, others came for the many great writers here on staff. Still others came for the community. Whatever your passion and whatever your preference, I have greatly appreciated and benefited from the patronage. I hope many of you will follow me over to the new platform.

I can't get into it now, but this is only the beginning of what SB Nation has in store for MMA fans this year. Expect several more major announcements this year that, I can guarantee, are going to blow you away. The whole point of this move, though, is to create new ways to give MMA fans and online readers MORE content and MORE ways to interact. This is about giving back to you.

It's immodest to say so, but it's something I want to make a point to share: we created one of the largest sites in the entire sport during our free time as a hobby. Imagine what SB Nation can do with professionals on board.

2011 is going to be a big year for MMA and a big year for SB Nation's investment in MMA. Look out. Here we come.