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UFC 126 Results: The Fight I Want Is Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones

In the aftermath of UFC 126 the fights that people are talking about are Anderson Silva vs Georges St Pierre and Jon Jones vs Mauricio Rua

Both of these fights have the advantage of being very real possibilities. Shogun vs Jones is booked and happening at UFC 128 thanks to Rashad Evans' MCL tear. Silva vs GSP awaits GSP beating Jake Shields at UFC 129, which is likely if not guaranteed.

But being your typical spoiled American sports fan, I sit on my couch, bloated from last night's UFC feast (in addition to all the fights I feasted on incredible BBQ'd ribs, tres leches cake and lots of orange ale beer and baileys and coffee) and want more.

I'm not convinced that either Jones vs Shogun or Silva vs GSP will actually be competitive fights. As great as Shogun and GSP are, I just see tremendous gaps in size and athleticism between them and Jones and Silva. 

Yup, I'm saying it, the fight I really really want to see after UFC 126 is Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones. 

It would be a battle between Silva's incredible striking and BJJ off his back and Jones' reach, arsenal of take downs and smothering top game. 

Am I asking too much?