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Chael Sonnen Calls Out Michael Bisping

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In an email to UFC matchmaker Joe Silva (via MMA Weekly):

To: Joe Silva, Matchmaker Extraordinaire, Ultimate Fighting Championship
Re: Spitsbing & his tainted victory


If you get a chance to talk with him, please mention to your idiot-in-residence Michael Spitsbing it’ll be a little tougher to knee ME in the head when I’m charging at him like a runaway train and mincing him through the fence like a boiled potato, should we ever have the pleasure of each other’s company for a few (VERY few) moments in the Octagon.

Oh; and I’d suggest to him being a little careful about spitting on any of MY cornermen, since any one of them can beat him up as badly as I can. Thanks ever so much. Hope all is well.

-Chael Sonnen
Chael Sonnen (25-11-1) [Num. 2]
Loss Anderson Silva - Submission (Triangle Armbar) UFC 117
Win Nate Marquardt - Decision (Unanimous) UFC 109
Win Yushin Okami - Decision (Unanimous) UFC 104
Michael "The Count" Bisping (21-3) [Num. 9]
Win Jorge Rivera - TKO (Punches) UFC 127
Win Yoshihiro Akiyama - Decision (Unanimous) UFC 120
Win Dan Miller - Decision (Unanimous) UFC 114