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UFC 127 Results Recap: Zhang Tie Quan Beats Jason Reinhardt

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Photo by Daniel Herbertson via <a href="" target="new">Fanhouse</a>.
Photo by Daniel Herbertson via Fanhouse.

The UFC's only Chinese fighter, on whose back various visions of expansion into the world's fastest-growing consumer market rest, Zhang Tie Quan choked out Jason Reinhardt with a guillotine choke in 0:48 at UFC 127

The bout was contested at 145 pounds in the UFC's featherweight division.

What was the high point of the fight?

This was a text book, old school take the guy down and choke him out quickly MMA fight. 

Where do these guys go from here?

Zhang improves to 13-1 overall and more importantly will continue to be fed less than fearsome opponents so the UFC can continue to tout him to the Chinese market.

The 40-something Reinhardt will likely be cut from the UFC.

Watch it now, later, or never?

Now. It's quick and painless for everyone except Reinhardt.