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Tachi Palace Fights 8 Live Results and Commentary

Tachi_palace_fights_8_large_medium_mediumJoin us here at for Tachi Palace Fights 8: All or Nothing, airing live via stream at at 8:30 PM EST tonight. As always, we'll provide you with live commentary and results of the event as it unfolds. If you are unable to watch the event or would like to participate in discussion relating to the event while you watch, is your place for all things Tachi Palace Fights 8.

The card will be headlined by a rather irrelevant middleweight title bout between Leopoldo Serao and UFC veteran David Loiseau. While the title may not mean much to fans, the fight should be an entertaining clash of styles. The more intriguing bouts on the card involve the relatively unknown flyweight division that Tachi has managed to put together. Consensus #1 ranked flyweight Jussier da Silva will battle former WEC fighter Ian McCall while Ulysses Gomez fights knockout threat Darrell Montague in a flyweight title tilt.

If you're a fan clamoring for the flyweights to be accepted in the UFC, here's your chance to see one of the best in action along with a number of other great fighters in the mix in the division.

David Loiseau def. Leopoldo Serao via TKO (Cut) at 1:12 of Round 5.
Darrell Montague def. Ulysses Gomez via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)
Ian McCall def. Jussier da Silva via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Edgar Garcia def. Mike Moreno via submission (guillotine choke) at 1:47 of Round 1
Dominique Robinson def. John Gunderson via TKO at 0:41 of Round 3.
Fabricio Camoes def. Steve Lopez via KO (head kick) at 0:23 of Round 1.
Doug Hunt def. Mickey Martinez via TKO in Round 1 (4:27)
Andy Miranda def. Ryan Burton via submission (triangle choke) in Round 1 (1:06)
Collin Hart def. Mike Arellano via submission (rear naked choke), Round 2
Tyler Freeland def. Diego Melendez via unanimous decision 
(30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
Alan Jouban def. Kyle Griffin via KO (0:15)

Rest of the play-by-play below the fold...

Tachi Palace Fights 8 coverage

Middleweight Title Bout: Leopoldo Serao (17-7) vs. David Loiseau (19-10)

Round 1: Loiseau first strike is a spinning head kick. Heh. A minute in, and that's the only strike of the fight. Serao is being very careful, and Loiseau is looking for an epic highlight reel head kick. Loiseau throws a punch, and Serao changes levels nicely. Unfortunately, he doesn't explode through the attempt. He does, however, pull guard, a world that Loiseau doesn't want to be in. Serao working for a triangle now as he pulls the rubber guard and attempts to sneak his other leg up. Very high guard by Serao, but Loiseau staying close to Serao's chest. Serao changes to a shoulder lock and got the foot in front, possibly for the omoplata. Loiseau escapes. Loiseau falls back into guard for some strange reason, maintaining top control till the end of the round. scores the round 10-9 Leopoldo Serao.

Round 2: Loiseau fires off a front kick to start, and Serao is reluctant to strike with David. Another kick by Loiseau is blocked. Loiseau with another huge kick, then throws a spinning back fist. Serao finally engages with a leg kick, but gets peppered with a one-two from Loiseau. After a few minutes of pacing, Loiseau tries a flying knee and flies over Serao. Serao grabs him and gains top control with a kimura grip immediately. Loiseau scrambles and gets Serao's back. Serao once again working the rubber guard and trying to work his other leg high on Loiseau's back. Razor thin round. scores the round 10-10.

Round 3: Loiseau once again head hunting with kicks, and Serao takes advantage by shooting in and pulling guard. Serao locks down the arm from his back. Serao working for a submission, but McCarthy apparently thinks nothing is happening. Stands it up. Loiseau surprises by shooting for a takedown of his own, sitting in top control now. Some damage from the top by Loiseau, but Serao defends against anything overwhelming. scores the round 10-9 David Loiseau.

Round 4: Come on! Somebody do something. Loiseau with a huge head kick. Blocked. More staring. Dana White would have these two sniped from the rafters. Serao works from his back once again, but neither fighter producing big offense. McCarthy stands it up, and Loiseau lands a nice body kick. He missed the following straight punch and lands in the clinch. Serao tries to take down Loiseau, but Loiseau slips out the back and now sits on top of Serao's back landing knees to the body. Serao rolls over and gets guard, pulls rubber guard, and can't do anything. scores the round 10-9 David Loiseau. 

Round 5: Loiseau comes out hard, throwing bombs... and Serao drops. Not sure if he pulled guard or got hit. I think he flopped down to bait Loiseau, and Loiseau obliges. Serao works from guard, but Serao is cut open badly from the previous round. Doctor in to check it. Fight is over. David Loiseau def. Leopoldo Serao via TKO (Cut).

Flyweight Title Bout: Ulysses Gomez (7-1) vs. Darrell Montague (8-1)

Round 1: Montague defends a takedown attempt early and tosses Gomez down. Montague works for a short time from the top, but Gomez kicks Montague out. Montague contemplating whether to fall back down into top, but staying outside of guard and trying to punch through Gomez' upkicks. Eventually, they reset on the feet. Montague trying to land a big left while defending Gomez' attempts to take him down. Bruising leg kicks from range by Montague, and he's picking Gomez apart early. Montague lands a head kick and follows with a flying knee, but Gomez wraps him up, looking unphased. They separate, and Montague goes back to work. Both fighters exchanging kicks, but Gomez is backing away into the fence constantly. Montague trapping Gomez in the fence, pawing a jab and looking for the overhand. Forty-five seconds left in the opening round, Montague leaps with a knee, then attempts another bigger knee that sees him flying over Gomez' head. Montague gets flipped over, but time expires before Gomez could capitalize. scores the round for Darrell Montague 10-9.

Round 2: Gomez paws a jab early trying to find his range, but Montague continues to set the pace and control the cage. Montague using leg kicks and punches to keep Gomez guessing. Two minutes into the round, and not a whole lot of action. Some brief exchanges, but nothing flush has landed. Two-and-a-half minutes in, and Montague lands on Gomez' cut open eye. Eye is now affecting Gomez' vision. Referee stops the fight to check out the cut and get the doctor into the cage to take a look. Doctor will let him continue. Montague continues to loop in the right hand, trying to open up Gomez' eye even more. Round continues with peppering exchanges by Montague, eventually dropping Gomez at the end of the round. scores the round for Darrell Montague 10-9.

Round 3: Is this fight over yet? Gomez' eye looks bad. Montague starts out the round at the same pace. Gomez isn't working quickly at all, and Montague continues to work at a quick pace. Montague working on various levels with kicks and punches. Gomez can't seem to answer. Gomez spends most of the round on the defensive with Montague peppering away. Montague hasn't landed anything flush, but he's easily winning the rounds with a steady diet of kicks and jab-overhand combos. Thirty seconds to go, and Montague is holding his hands high like Nick Diaz. This is a battering. Heavy combination at the end by Montague. scores the round for Darrell Montague 10-9.

Round 4: Gomez needs to finish now as Montague is visibly winning this fight three rounds to none. Montague is just battering Gomez with combinations in the first two minutes. Peppering shots mostly, but the story here is that Gomez just doesn't look good at all. He has shown no offense. Montague lands another kick, and Gomez' legs buckle a bit. They are taking their toll, and he's now in trouble with his eye and legs being damaged badly. Gomez attempts to knee Montague, but there is no speed or power in it. Big left by Montague, and he goes for the kill. Gomez clinches up to neutralize Montague's rush, and we're back to separation. Body blows by Montague now, and this is just a lopsided beating. Gomez is running from Montague, limping. scores the round for Darrell Montague 10-9.

Round 5: Gomez actually trying to press the fight to the cage. Montague defending the takedown attempt by Gomez, but Gomez can't wrap it up. They separate. Montague is walking down Gomez, but he stops in the center of the cage, probably wondering why he's running after Gomez while Gomez is down four rounds. Montague pops Gomez with a hard one-two, and yells at Gomez to bring it. Body shot, and Gomez counters with a glancing blow. No power on those counters. Montague getting flashy, goes for the spinning back fist. Gomez counters with the clinch and presses Montague to the fence. Gomez doesn't have the energy to take him down, so he pulls guard with little time left on the clock. Montague simply stands up out of guard. Dominating victory for your new champ, Darrell Montague. scores the round for Darrell Montague 10-9, scores the bout 50-45 Montague.

Darrell Montague def. Ulysses Gomez via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)

Flyweight: Jussier da Silva (8-0) vs. Ian McCall (8-2)

Round 1: Couple of early exchanges, but nothing significant. Silva goes for the takedown, gets it, and McCall regains his feet immediately. McCall now has his knee kissing his face as Silva goes for the takedown. Scramble on the ground and Silva with a beautiful transition to the back. Body triangle on lockdown and McCall is already in trouble. Silva works from back, but he has yet to sink in a close submission yet. More of the same for roughly three-and-a-half minutes, but Silva can't find the submission. Still a dominant round for "Formiga". scores it 10-9 Jussier da Silva.

Round 2: McCall comes out firing the double jab, but Silva counters with a one-two. Silva grabs the leg as McCall kicks, and once again -- Silva has the back. McCall throws a spinning elbow to escape, and we're back to toe-to-toe action. Ball shot, and McCarthy allows Silva to recover. Back to action, and McCall kicks and is thrown to the fence as Silva holds onto it trying to gain a takedown. McCall toughs his way out of the clinch and lands on Silva. Silva on his back now with McCall landing some solid blows. Silva almost looked to be in trouble, but he scrambles to the leg and endangers McCall with a leg lock. McCall smartly escapes and they go back to work on the feet. McCall throws a nice right overhand that connects, then a left in the clinch. McCall out striking da Silva in this round, and Silva is slowing down from the blows tagging him. scores the round 10-9 Ian McCall.

Round 3: Silva is visibly slower than McCall to start the round. McCall is landing peppering shots, solid one-two combinations, and moving in and out with speed. Silva can't seem to work the clinch either. Silva clinches up once again, but McCall escapes and lands as they exit. They separate and McCall throws a nice uppercut that lands flush. Silva doesn't seem to be affected, but he is tired. McCall easily winning the stand-up here, and with 90 seconds left -- an upset is imminent. Silva shoots quickly and gets under McCall, but McCall defending on the fence well. Sixty seconds remain, and McCall looks like he's out of danger despite being pressed to the fence. Wow. Silva trips up McCall, and lands in top control. McCall trying to elbow Silva's head to death, but the round ends. scores the round 10-9 Ian McCall, scores fight for McCall 29-28.

Ian McCall def. Jussier da Silva via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Middleweight: Edgar Garcia (8-2) vs. Mike Moreno (4-2)

Round 1: Moreno shoots immediately, and Garcia has a tight choke in place. Moreno barely escapes, but he's stuck in a front headlock. Garcia pushes him away, and Moreno shoots again. Some non-connecting exchanges, and Moreno shoots again after the separation. Moreno is locked into a guillotine, and he taps quickly. Edgar Garcia def. Mike Moreno via submission (guillotine choke) at 1:47 of Round 1.

Lightweight: John Gunderson (30-11-2) vs. Dominique Robinson (5-4)

Round 1: Opening exchange sees Gunderson throw a left and transition immediately to a shot for the takedown. Robinson stuffs it and Gunderson clinches. Gunderson relentlessly working for the takedown, but he isn't able to work through Robinson's balance. Gunderson gets a takedown for a split second, and Robinson pops back up immediately. More of the same... Robinson showing excellent balance here as he stuffs Gunderson and falls awkwardly into top control. Robinson, after a minute or so working from top control, lands some nice shots on the feet after Gunderson escapes to the feet. Round ends. scores the round 10-9 Dominique Robinson.

Round 2: More of the same as Gunderson throws a spinning back fist and transitions to a takedown. He still cannot easily put Robinson on his back, and Robinson begins doing some damage with elbows from the top as Gunderson rolls to his back. A lot of back and forth as Gunderson continues shooting for takedowns and Robinson consistently defends. Robinson nearly pulls off an armbar, but it's obvious his technique is lacking. Gunderson looks to be getting very tired, and Robinson is well on his way to a huge upset. Robinson gains the back late in the round and pounds on Gunderson to end the round. scores the round 10-8 Dominique Robinson.

Round 3: Heh. Gunderson pulls guard.. or should I say mount, and Robinson rains down the punches. McCarthy stops the fight. Dominique Robinson def. John Gunderson via TKO at 0:41 of Round 3.

Lightweight: Fabricio Camoes (10-5-1) vs. Steve Lopez (12-3)

Round 1: WOW! After a short feeling out period, Camoes throws a beautiful head kick, and Lopez gets floored. Camoes pounces on him, fires off a few punches, and the referee stops the fight. There is some controversy as Lopez looked like he may have been working to get up, but he went limp from the kick when he went down. Hard to tell. Fabricio Camoes def. Steve Lopez via KO (head kick) at 0:23 of Round 1.

Welterweight: Doug Hunt (8-4) vs. Andrew "Mickey" Martinez (7-2-1)

Round 1: Hunt starts with a leg kick and connecting overhand. Martinez shrugs it off, then goes after Hunt. Nothing connects. Hunt peppers from range, but Martinez is showing his best Wesley Correira impression... just walking forward unstunned by the blows he's eating. Martinez goes for the guillotine, but Hunt escapes into top control. Hunt batters him, and Martinez kicks Hunt out. He gets to his knees, but now has to defend a choke. He finally escapes to his feet. Hunt with a front headlock, using knees, then slams Martinez to the ground. More damage from the top, Martinez turns and gives up his back. Hunt doesn't try to sink the hooks in, but rather sits on the side landing blows. Martinez is getting tossed around and battered at will here. Martinez has done nothing but eat punches. John McCarthy has finally had enough, and fans rejoice. Doug Hunt def. Mickey Martinez via TKO in Round 1 (4:27)

Lightweight: Ryan Burton (3-0) vs. Andy Miranda (4-1)

Round 1: Wow.. after some feeling out with punches, Miranda throws a huge overhand that puts Burton down. Miranda shoots right into a triangle set-up, and now he's stuck. And Burton goes to sleep, out cold. Andy Miranda def. Ryan Burton via submission (triangle choke) in Round 1 (1:06).

Middleweight: Collin Hart (2-1-1) vs. Mike Arellano (3-7)

Round 1: Arellano gets tagged instantly, spins around and gets tagged again. Now he's coming back, but Hart is tagging him over and over. Nothing solid, but Arellano isn't looking good standing. He's giving up some massive reach as well. Hart topples over Arellano, and now he works from half guard. Arellano escapes, but gives up his back instantly with one hook in. Hart sinks the arm under Arellano's chin, and it's over. Collin Hart def. Mike Arellano via submission (rear naked choke).

Featherweight: Tyler Freeland (0-0) vs. Diego Melendez (0-0) - (3 x 3 minute rounds)

Round 1: Round begins and the size difference is unbelievable. Little hesitance early, a feeling out period, but wow... Freeland tosses Melendez over his hip and into side control. Freeland working, but Melendez gains half guard quickly. Freeland punching from the top and grabbing the arm for a keylock or straight armbar. Melendez isn't in trouble and escapes easily. Melendez moving to escape to the feet, but Freeland is impressively quick to regain top control when bucked off. Freeland using elbows now, and Melendez bucks and rolls. Freeland nearly puts Melendez in a crucifix, and in the melee -- Melendez escapes. Wow... crazy exchange on the feet now, and Melendez is kicking Freeland at will, ending the exchange with a huge knee that drops Freeland. Freeland immediately stands up, but Rosales was on his way in to stop it. Freeland escapes the round, but has a huge gash on his face. scores it 10-9 Melendez.

Round 2: Second round starts stale for the first 30 seconds Couple of punches, but both guys have a little respect for each other now. Freeland finally rushes Melendez as he throws a right, takes down Melendez easily and gains top control in half guard. Freeland working, but not doing too much as Melendez is defending. Freeland seems to be seeking out the submission, but Freeland opts out to transition to full mount. Melendez is controlling his posture though as Freeland's arms are obviously very short and having problems pushing. scores it 10-9 Freeland.

Round 3: Freeland kicks to the leg, then eats a blow. Not exactly smart for his height. But Melendez isn't making him pay for it and Freeland lands another. Melendez rushes in and Freeland slams down Melendez after locking the double leg. Pretty impressive, but I suppose it makes sense that Freeland has a strong upper body. Freeland is now landing at will from the top. Melendez escapes, but Freeland takes him down again. Melendez is trying to work his guard high, but it's obvious he isn't that experienced. Freeland evading attempts and moves to side control. Freeland dominating the round. scores the round 10-9 Freeland, bout 29-28 Tyler Freeland.

Tyler Freeland def. Diego Melendez via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Welterweight: Kyle Griffin (1-0) vs. Alan Jouban (0-0) - (3 x 3 minute rounds)

Round 1: Jouban apparently crushed Griffin with a knockout punch 0:15 seconds into the round. I didn't get to see it because the stream once again crapped. Alan Jouban def. Kyle Griffin via KO (0:15)