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UFC 140: Is Lyoto Machida Sick Heading Into Fight With Jon Jones?

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Lyoto Machida made weight just minutes ago for his UFC 140 bout with Jon Jones for the UFC light heavyweight championship. He looked to be in his usual level of shape while Jones looked very fit but also was booed loudly by the Toronto crowd.

Still, there are rumors that, despite what may be a very pro-Machida crowd, all is not well for the challenger. This came from Sherdog's Jordan Breen on his pre-event chat:


Of course, these are just rumors at this point and it's not the first time we've heard such information heading into a fight. But it is worth noting that the word is out there and Machida may face more than Jones' dynamic attacking style when the two men step into the cage.

We'll keep you up to date on any new information or developments as best we can heading into the event.

(HT: AcidicLactor on Twitter)

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