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UFC Debuting In Sweden In March 2012

The UFC will be adding a new country to its 2012 passport as they'll be heading to Sweden for the first time in company history for a yet-to-be announced March event, according to a Swedish MMA site.

The event is scheduled for Stockholm on Wednesday, March 28th, likely to be a Fight Night event on FX or Fuel TV. There are several options for arenas like the large AEG-run Stockholm Arena or the 16,000 seat Ericsson Globe. This will be the promotion's first trip to a Nordic country.

An interesting side note from Nordic MMA-centric site MMA Viking:

The newly rumored date of March 28 for a "Fight Night" may also help the fact that the Swedish MMA Federation (SMMAF) does not currently permit bouts over 15 minutes, so the main event may not be at the UFC’s newly established 5-round fights.

The UFC may be backtracking on their announcement earlier this year regarding all main events being five-round fights as the recently announced Jim Miller vs. Melvin Guillard main event for UFC on FX 1 will be three rounds.

The UFC already has trips to Brazil, Japan and Australia planned for the first quarter of the year.