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Video: Holly Holm Brutally Knocked Out by Anne Sophie Mathis

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Top female boxer and 2-0 mixed martial artist Holly Holm was knocked out in brutal fashion this past weekend. Recently Holm picked up some buzz in MMA circles for a video circulating of her sparring with UFC champ Jon Jones. Jones was preparing for his upcoming UFC 140 light heavyweight title defense with Lyoto Machida while Holm was getting ready for this bout with Anne Sophie Mathis.

Mathis ended up pinning Holm against the ropes and repeatedly tagging her, leaving her bent backward, hanging over the ropes awkwardly.

The video:

While Holm's boxing future is far from dead, it'll be interesting if this spurs her into a bigger move toward MMA. She has scored two TKO wins in her career (both this year) and her most recent win was a body kick TKO over former Strikeforce title challenger Jan Finney.

She's one of the female combat athletes to keep an eye on next year, but it's clear that Mathis is as well.

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