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DREAM New Year 2011: Results and Play by Play

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With UFC 141 in the books be sure to stick with Bloody Elbow as we continue this epic MMA marathon for DREAM New Year! 2011 headlined by Fedor Emelianenko fighting Olympic Gold Medalist Satoshi Ishii. Shinya Aoki will defend his lightweight title against Satoru Kitaoka and Hiroyuki Takaya defends his featherweight title against Lion Takeshi.

Tonight's event is the brain child of Antonio Inoki, the Japanese professional wrestling legend. Airing immediately after UFC 141, join the Bloody Elbow night crew at 1:00 AM ET/11:00 PM PT. The fights will air live on HDNet. Bloody Elbow night crew assemble!!!

Yusup Saadulaev vs Hideo Tokoro

Round 1: Tokoro runs forward witha flying knee and is immediately taken to the ground. Tokoro stands up and Saadulaev grabs a hold of his back. Saadulaev picks Tokoro up and drops Tokoro right on his face. Several punches to the face and the fight is called. Tokoro was out after getting slammed. Huge win for Yusup Saadulaev.

Official Result: Yusup Saadulaev defeats Hideo Tokoro by TKO.

Masakazu Imanari vs Antonio Banuelos

Round 1: Imanari's hands are hanging super low and Banuelos is unsure of how to attack. Imanari with a kick to the body. Another kick to the body from Imanari. Slow first round with Banuelos tentative to press the action. He knows that going to the ground with Imanari means not walking for a while. Imanari drops to his back when Banuelos commits to an attack but Antonio won't follow him to the ground. Antonio Banuelos tries to counter a side kick with a wild hook but is unsuccessful. Leg kicks from Banuelos but nothing too damaging. Banuelos comes forward and again Imanari drops to his back. Switch kick from Banuelos but it doesn't connect. He's loosening up and kicking up the pace. Whenever he attacks Imanari immediately falls to his back. Scoring it for Imanari.

Round 2: Imanari shoots in and Antonio Banuelos lands two hammer fists before Imanari can catch him in his guard. Imanari gets the fight to the ground and has Banuelos in his guard but when he opens it up Antonio stands up and backs out. Baneulos not even close on his spinning back fist. Imanari gets the fight to the ground again and Banuelos is working hammer fists. Imanari throws his legs up high but abandons it almost immediately. Banuelos looking to pass Imanari's guard and he's swept but Imanari abandons the sweep to go back to guard. Scoring for Banuelos.

Official Result: Antonio Banuelos defeats Masakazu Imanari by Split Decision.

Bibiano Fernandes vs Rodolfo Marques Diniz

Round 1: Bibiano and Marques trade leg kicks to open the round. Kick to the body lands for Bibiano. Diniz lands several leg kicks. Bibiano Fernandes gets the takedown and starts to work elbows to Rodolfo's hamstrings. Those won't finish a fight but those will slow Diniz down. Bibiano continues his assault on Diniz' ribs. The referee stands them up but that's clearly Bibiano's round.

Round 2: Bibiano opens the round super agressive with punches and a jumping knee. Diniz looks to get the fight to the ground but is unable to complete his takedown. Bibiano with an inside thigh kick and a Marques responds with a lazy right hand. Marques clinches and pushes Bibiano into the corner. He backs away and Bibiano lands a left hook and then drops for a single leg. He drops for a takedown but abandons it. Diniz attempts his own takedown and fails as well. 14 seconds left in the round and Marques is looking to get the fight to the ground. This was all Bibiano Fernandes.

Official Result: Bibiano Fernandes defeats Rodolfo Marques Diniz by Unanimous Decision.

Masaaki Noiri vs Kengo Sonoda

Official Result: Masaaki Noiri defeats Kengo Sonoda by Unanimous Decision

Yuta Kubo vs Nils Widlund

Official Result: Yuta Kubo defeats Nils Widlund by Knock Out

Ryo Chonan vs Mach Sakurai

Round 1: Mach Sakurai clips Chonan which sends him to the mat. Sakurai followed Chonan to the ground and looked to cause damage from the top. The fighters are back to their feet with a minute and a half left. Chonan lands a kick to Mach's thigh. Sakurai with a spinning hook kick. Leg kick from Chonan. Mach clinches and gets the fight to the ground but can't keep it there. 30 seconds left and they're clinched against the ropes. The referee calls for action and so do I. Where's the USA chant when you need it?

Round 2: Sakurai clinches as the round begins. Chonan spins off the ropes and lands an uppercut on the exit. Mach back to clinch work and the referee breaks the fighters after Mach didn't try to attack from the clinch. Left hook from Sakurai. Right hook from Chonan. Combination from Sakurai. Sakurai clinches and gets the fight to the ground. Sakurai working from side control and Chonan lands knees to the head from the bottom. Minute remaining and Sakurai staying busy from the top.

Round 3: Mach and Ryo trade body shots before Sakurai clinches. Uppercut-left hook from Chonan lands flush. Chonan is pushing the action looking to finish Mach before the end of the round. Mach is definitely time from the first two rounds of action. Mach clinches and gets the takedown. He's looking to cruise the final minute. WOAH! Sakurai passes mount and gets Chonan's back. He's looking to finish the RNC! Chonan reverse and finishes the round on top. It's too little too late.

Official Result: Hayato Sakurai defeats Ryo Chonan by Unanimous Decision

Kazuyuki Miyata vs Tatsuya Kawajiri

Round 1: Kawajiri quickly gets the fight to the mat and starts working to pass Miyata's guard. Little Hercules doing well controlling the wrists but Kawajiri is relentless and passes to mount. Kawajiri with a grape vine to maintain position. Kawajiri has been unable to open up with ground and pound as Miyata has done a good job at controlling his posture. Kawajiri starting to work an arm triangle but Miyata survives. Dominant round from Crusher.

Round 2: Jumping knee from Miyata to open the round. Miyata with a left hook. Kawajiri responds with an uppercut. Another lead Kawajiri. Miyata doubles up his lefts. Kawajiri drops down and gets the takedown. Miyata tries a switch and instead Kawajiri keeps his position. Miyata reverses position and takes Kawajiri's back. Crusher attemps to stand and Miyata sinks in a hook. He loses the hook and Kawajiri stands. The referee breaks their clinch and Kawajiri doubles up his jab and then hits an uppercut before getting another takedown. It's a clinic. Kawajiri again locks in an arm triangle and finishes the fight just as the round ends. Beautiful performance by Tatsuya Kawajiri.

Official Result: Tatsuya Kawajiri defeats Kazuyuki Miyata by arm triangle.

Megumi Fujii vs Karla Benidez

Round 1: Megu shoots a double and then rolls for a leg. In the scramble she ends up on top and starts to work for her pass. Megumi grabs a hold of Karla Benidez' arm and finishes the fight quickly with an armbar.

Official Result: Megumi Fujii defeats Karla Benidez by submission (arm bar)

Josh Barnett vs Hideki Suzuki

Official Result: Josh Barnett pins Hideki Suzuki after a brain buster.

Yuichiro Nagashima vs Katsunori Kikuno

Round 1 (K1 Rules): The two fighters come out and start swinging. Kikuno grabs a thai clinch and the fighters fall to the ground. Kikuno is going balls to the wall looking to finish the fight in the K-1 round. HOLY CRAP! NAGASHIMA IS DOWN! Kikuno is just throwing and Nagashima is getting picked apart. This is wild! This is supposed to be Nagashima's round and he's getting outclassed and out muscled. Nagashima lands and down goes Kikuno! LOOK AT KIKUNO'S FACE! This looks like a Leonard Garcia fight! OH MAN THE ROUND ENDS!

Round 2 (MMA Rules): They continue where they left off but Kikuno temporarily gets the fight to the ground. Jumping knee from Nagashima and Kikuno counters! Both fighters look tired and neither is looking to get the fight to the ground. Right hand lands for Nagashima. Kikuno takes Nagashima's back and gets the fight to the ground. He's got Nagashima flattened out and working punches from the top. The referee calls the fight after possibly 25 unanswered punches.

Official Result: Katsunori Kikuno defeats Yuichiro Nagashima by TKO

Bibiano Ferdandes vs Antonio Banuelos

Round 1: The two fighters trade punches before Bibiano drops Banuelos with a punch. He swarms and just throws punches until the referee stops the fight. Fantastic showing by Bibiano who captures the DREAM Bantamweight title.

Official Result: Bibiano Fernandes defeats Antonio Banuelos by TKO.

Jerome LeBanner vs Tim Sylvia

Official Result: Jerome LeBanner defeats Tim Sylvia by TKO.

Kazuyuki Fujita vs Peter Aerts

Official Result: Kazuyuki Fujita defeats Peter Aerts via Lion Tamer

Kazushi Sakuraba/Katsuyori Shibata vs Shinichi Suzukawa/Atsushi Sawada

Official result: Kazushi Sakuraba and Katsuyori Shibata won.

Hiroyuki Takaya vs Lion Takeshi

Round 1: Takaya is the first to commit to offense with a double jab. He misses an overhand right hand. Takaya with two jumping right hooks that just miss connecting on Lion's chin. Thai Clinch by Takaya and he lands a couple knees. Takeshi counters a Takaya kick with a jab. Takaya stalking looking to land his power. Takeshi counters off Takaya's picks. Takaya drops down and gets the fight to the ground as the round ends.

Round 2: Takaya comes out aggressive stalking Takeshi with leg kicks. Takeshi doing well circling away. Takeshi was warned for not throwing enough punches. Takaya lands three heavy right hands. The two trade and it's Takeshi who lands the more significant strikes. Takaya comes forward throwing wildly and lands several punches to Takeshi's face. Takaya continues to chase Takeshi around the ring with 30 seconds left in the round.

Round 3: Takaya remains on the offensive opening the round with a leg kick and then a takedown. Takeshi works to control the posture of Takaya with wrist control. Big right hand by Takaya. Time called to adjust Takaya's hand wraps. Takaya with a kick to the body. Takeshi pawing out his jab but he won't commit to it. Takaya lands a right hook and a thigh kick. Takeshi lands a jab.

Round 4: In between rounds the camera crew shows Hiroyuki Takaya's's a mess. Even with the damage he continues to press the action as the round begins. Takeshi lands his jab multiple times to keep Takaya at a distance. Takaya grabs the single collar tie and lands a bunch of upper cuts to the body and head. Fight quickly hits the ground but the fighters are back to their feet. Takaya lands a left hook but can't cut off the ring. Takaya backs Takeshi into the corner and opens up but can't put Lion away. Takeshi receives a Yellow card for not fighting. Takaya still pushing the action and Takeshi keeps walking away. This is the weirdest. Takaya is working for the finishing but can't stop Kalib Takeshi.

Round 5: Takaya continues to stalk Takeshi. NOW Takeshi starts throwing? JEEZ! Takaya is still working to finish the fight working knees from the thai clinch. Takeshi just doesn't want to fight. Takaya gets the takedown and shows why he's champion constantly looking to finish the fight. Push kick from Takeshi but come on, that's not gonna win when he's 4 rounds down. Takeshi keeps going to that push kick. Finally comes forward with punches but doesn't land them. Straight right from Takeshi. Sorry spaced out for a second...10 seconds left and they trade punches. Now Takeshi is fighting? I can't handle this it's been too long of a night.

Official Result: Hiroyuki Takaya defeats Lion Takeshi by Unanimous Decision.

Shinya Aoki vs Satoru Kitaoka

Round 1: High kick by Aoki and then a jab. He takes a thai clinch and then gets the fight to the ground. Kitaoka has a guillotine but Aoki escapes. Aoki takes his back and then locks in a triangle choke which is super tight. Aoki switches to an armbar and Kitaoka escapes. The stand and Aoki hooks Kitaoka's right leg. Aoki trips him to the mat and Kitaoka right back to his feet. Referee separates them. Aoki clinches and gets the fight to the ground. He's in Kitaoka's half guard. Sorry spaced and the round is over.

Round 2: Aoki gets the takedown early and works to pass to side control. Aoki stands and tries to throw Kitaoka's legs to the side for a pass. Woah the fight is still going on? Sorry I'm really spacey. Aoki lands a head kick that Kitaoka blocks. Kick to the body lands for Aoki. His stand up is really improved since moving to Evolve.

Round 3: Aoki lands a counter kick to the body. And then a knee to the body. He grabs a body lock and gets the fight to the ground. Aoki takes Kitaoka's back and has a single hook in. Aoki gets his second hook and locks in a body triangle. He's looking for a rear naked choke but Kitaoka does a good job at fighting hands. Something happened and Kitaoka is standing with Aoki on his back. The referee stands them up. Aoki shoots in and Kitaoka sticking his butt on the rope to stop the takedown. Dude is legitimately sitting on the rope. Head kick lands cleanly for Aoki and then transitions to a single leg. He gets it as the round ends.

Round 4: Kitaoka attemps a head kick but he misses. Aoki doubles up the body kicks. Looping right hand by Kitaoka misses Aoki. Aokia with the thai clinch and lands several knees that bloody Kitaoka's face. He gets the takedown and has Kitaoka's back. Aoki has a rear naked choke and Kitaoka is breathing weird. He's out of the choke but he's stuck in the body triangle. Aoki back to the choke and against Kitaoka defends to escape. Kitaoka doing a good job at surviving but he's doing just that...surviving. Aoki has the choke tight and again Kitaoka fights hands. He has blood pouring out his mouth and nose. The breathing is incredibly creepy.

Round 5: Kitaoka swinging to finish this fight. Aoki clinches and gets the fight back to the ground. Sorry spaced out again. Aoki has Kitaoka's back in a body triangle and is still looking for the rear naked choke. Fighters are standing and Kitaoka has Aoki's back. He tries to open up but Aoki quickly clinches. Aoki working his jab with 30 seconds remaining. Aoki drops for a takedown and Kitaoka has him in a front headlock and is throwing knees to the head. Round and fight over.

Official Result: Shinya Aoki defeats Satoru Kitaoka by Unanimous Decision

Fedor Emelianenko vs Satoshi Ishii

Round 1: Ishii slips on a leg kick. Fedor lands his leg kick. Fedor throws another leg kick and Ishii catches it. Fedor lights Ishii up with a combination working the head an body. He follows up with a straight right down the tube. Fedor drops Ishii with a combination and the referee calls it.

Official Result: Fedor Emelianenko defeats Satoshi Ishii by Knock Out

And that's it folks. To those that gutted out 15 hours of MMA, thanks for keeping me company. Those that fell asleep: raspberries.

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