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UFC 141 Video: Nate Diaz Explains Incident With Donald Cerrone

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The UFC 141 bout between Donald Cerrone and Nate Diaz may be the pre-event favorite to be the fight of the night, but the two men have already engaged in a little bit of a public relations battle. Earlier in the week, Cerrone told a story about Diaz cursing him out and slapping his hand away for attempting to shake his hand at the open workouts.

Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting caught up with Diaz to get his side of the story:


He just tried to be my friend. Tried to come up and say hi, I just walked the other way. I wasn't trying to be a bully or anything. I think he's trying to push me in a bully's direction, making me the bad guy but I just walked the other way. I think he's just making it a little more than what it was.

For all the things about the Diaz brothers that I am not a fan of, it is refreshing to see more fighters who don't feel the need to be "buddies" with everyone they fight.

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