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UFC 141's Brock Lesnar Brutalizes Zach Gowen On Smackdown

Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

This week I set out to bring some of the best moments in Brock Lesnar's WWE career. Some inside the ring and some backstage segments. Yesterday focused on the lighthearted Lesnar. Today's moment is about the violent force of nature that was Brock Lesnar. Before speaking about the moment I want to say that even though wrestling is fake, there is still some inherent risks involved. Though this clip was planned incredibly well it still may not be for everyone. It's twisted and demented and involves the 290 pound Lesnar beating up on a one-legged 160 pound Zach Gowen. This moment was ridiculous when I saw it live and it's still one of the most messed up moments in pro-wrestling history in my opinion.

As stated above, Zach Gowen is an amputee that earned his way to the WWE by being a hard worker in TNA. He doesn't have the larger than life build that is normally associated with a professional wrestler. In fact, he's the exact opposite. Gowen looks like an ordinary schlub who should be watching from the crowd holding a witty sign. As part of his ongoing program with Vince McMahon, Gowen was scheduled to face Lesnar in front of his hometown of Detroit, Michigan with his family seated in the first row.

If this wasn't professional wrestling what happened in the above match could best be described as assault. The WWE at the time still pushing the envelope with what was socially acceptable. The match was a complete squash with Gowen getting in minimal offense. Lesnar manhandled the undersized Gowen for eight minutes, powerbombing and F-5ing him all over the ring and floor. This all happened while Gowen's mother was sitting just two feet away. In what may have been a genuine reaction, Mrs. Gowen hopped the railing to protect her bloodied son from any more violence.

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