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UFC 141 Video: Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem are GI Joes

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Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

UFC 141 is headlined by a returning Brock Lesnar taking on a debuting Alistair Overeem. To hype fans for the fight, the UFC has adopted a guerrilla marketing campaign utilizing the GI Joe clips that so many of us know and love. As a child who grew up watching GI Joe I appreciate the use of these clips.

The first clip uses Brock Lesnar's famous post-fight interview after he beat up Frank Mir.

Kids: Brock Lesnar!

Brock Lesnar: Can you see me now?

Kids: Yes.

Brock Lesnar: CAN YOU SEE ME NOW!?

Kids: Yesss.

Brock Lesnar: Frank Mir had a horseshoe up his ass. I pulled that sumbitch out and beat him over the head with it....WOOOOOOOO!!!!

The Overeem interview uses Alistair's discussion on how he put on muscle mass with a horse meat diet.

Kid: Overeem. Overeem!

Alistair Overeem: The best protein is horse meat.

Kid: Horse meat?

Alistair Overeem: Horse meat. I eat at 9 o'clock in the morning. 10 o'clock in the morning. Then immediately after training I eat big and then I eat before I go to bed. Then when I wake up I eat again. But it's not only horse meat. It's also toilet paper.

Kid: Toilet paper?

Alistair Overeem: Toilet paper.

Here's to hoping that the UFC continues to use guerrilla marketing campaigns to promote fights. Bonus points to you if you can name the GI Joe characters and episodes that these clips were taken from.

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