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UFC 141: Alistair Overeem - 'Brock Doesn't Like to Get Hit'

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It's hardly a new meme, but UFC 141 main eventer Alistair Overeem believes that his opponent Brock Lesnar doesn't like to get hit. In an interview on the UFC's Youtube page, he made the claim and predicted what he was going to do to the former UFC heavyweight champion. And he's obviously pretty confident about his chances:

"The UFC offered me a fight for the title right away, but that would mean I'd have to wait six months. I'm a fighter who likes to stay active and I stated that to the UFC and basically they came up with Brock Lesnar. That was just a challenge I couldn't refuse. Brock doesn't like to get hit and that's exactly what I'm gonna do to him. I'm gonna hit him. And I'm gonna hit him as hard as I can. I'm pretty good at it. If you guys think Cain Velasquez hits hard, wait until you see what I'm gonna do to him."