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Keith Jardine vs. Luke Rockhold Planned for Strikeforce Middleweight Title

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There's been a bit of a change of plan in Strikeforce with Luke Rockhold now slated to face Keith Jardine on January 7, 2012 according to MMA Fighting. The original rumored plans were for Rockhold to face Tim Kennedy but Kennedy is unable to take the bout as he has an undisclosed injury.

This is a shame as Keith Jardine has gone 3-6-1 since 2008, has never fought at 185 pounds and his only win of note during that span was over Brandon Vera at UFC 89.

It's hard for me to not see this as a reason that Strikeforce has very limited value in its current form. Kennedy being unavailable leaves the promotion as seeing no better option than Keith Jardine? Maybe a rematch with Jacare is too much to ask on only 5 weeks notice.

I'd just as soon see them pay Paul Daley to take a middleweight fight (a weight where he is 3-0) or give a young guy from the Strikeforce Challengers stage a shot, Adlan Amagov springs to mind as someone who would have a "it was fun while it lasted" fight. And it's not as though Keith Jardine's name carries any weight in terms of being a draw.

I also can't help but wonder if Zuffa couldn't find a mid-tier current middleweight in the UFC to send over for a brief Strikeforce run. Maybe it's a bit too deep of water for a guy like Chris Weidman, but that'd be a hell of an interesting fight.

In the end, fantasy matchmaking does nothing. Jardine is getting the shot and we'll see if he can make the most of it.