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Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal - Live Results and Play-By-Play

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As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal. The event kicks off at 10:30 p.m. ET on Showtime, directly following the conclusion of the finals of the Super Six World Boxing Classic between Andre Ward and Carl Froch.

The main event for the card sees Gilbert Melendez defend his Strikeforce lightweight championship against Jorge Masvidal. In the co-feature bout, Cristiane Santos puts her women's featherweight title on the line against Hiroko Yamanaka. Scheduled to round out the televised broadcast is Gegard Mousasi taking on Ovince St. Preux in a light heavyweight bout and K.J. Noons squaring off with Billy Evangelista in a lightweight scrap.

Make sure to come back during the event and share your thoughts as the event goes down and stick around afterward as we recap all the action and fallout from this card.

SBN coverage of Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal

The Showtime broadcast is now live. First fight up shortly.

K.J. Noons vs. Billy Evangelista - Round 1 - Noons with a few leg kicks quickly. Evangelista with a wild punch that misses. Noons with a takedown but Billy right back to his feet. Evangelista pushing Noons into the cage now. A few short punches now. Evangelista with a takedown but Noons stands right back up. Billy back to the cage and Noons lands punches to the body. Noons defending against the takedown well. Noons working the soft jab as a rangefinder. Knee to the body by Noons and now Billy with an uppercut that gets in. They trade left hooks and Noons moves backward. Leg kick by Noons and then a series of punches finished with a right hand that lands. Nice elbow by Evangelista at the end of the round. 10-9 Evangelista.

Round 2 - Noons with a leg kick and a right cross. Noons with a spinning back kick, spinning backfist but it's a simple right hand that actually landed for him. Noons landing better so far this round. Evangelista egging him on and Noons is tagging him a bit. Noons shoots and can't get the takedown. Evangelista landing a punch now. Noons with a right hand and a jab that land. Round ends and I had it 10-9 Noons to even it up.

Round 3 - Leg kick by Noons. Noons with a nice combination with an uppercut in there. Nice left hook by Noons. Right head kick by Noons. Nice uppercut by Noons. Noons escapes a deep standing choke and is standig up and is badly winded. Noons with a wild left hand.Noons winging arm punches. They trade punches. Now Noons fires a hard shot and a big left hook. Elbow by Evangelista. 10-9 Noons gives him the win on my card.

Official Scorecards: 29-28 across the board. K.J. Noons wins by unanimous decision.

Gegard Mousasi vs. Ovince Saint Preux - Round 1 - OSP with a hard body kick. Leg kick by Mousasi and again. OSP with a spinning back kick that misses and Mousasi with a hard body kick. Right hand by Mousasi. Mousasi with another flurry of punches and OSP is doing nothing but circle and try not to get hit. Body kick by OSP is caught and Mousasi takes him down. Mousasi with some big ground and pound and now is into side control. OSP tries to get out but gets muscled back to the ground. Mousasi looking to lick up an arm. OSP gets out of the lock and ends up on top. Mousasi sweeps though and Mousasi with the crucifix and he pounds away to the end of the round. 10-8 Mousasi.

Round 2 - OSP shooting in but Mousasi defends, turns him and gets a takedown of his own. OSP with a few elbows off his back. Mousasi passes to half guard and lands a few elbows. Mousasi landing a few punches but not doing enough and they're stood up. Knee by OSP and mousasi catches it and tries for the takedown but OSP turns through it and gets the takedown. OSP stood up for no real reason and wasted being on top. 10-9 Mousasi.

Round 3 - OSP is going to need a finish here. Mousasi with the takedown and OSP tries to stand up and Mousasi almost takes the back but OSP turns into him looking for the takedown. OSP manages to get the takedown and he's in side control. The ref warns him to improve his position, which forces OSP to try or an ill advised mount and Mousasi ends up on top. Now Mousasi with the takedown. OSP on top now after a scramble but he's not trying to finish at all. 10-9 OSP I guess? Makes it 29-27 Mousasi.

Official Scorecards: 29-28 across the board. Gegard Mousasi wins by unanimous decision.

Cyborg Santos vs. Hiroko Yamanaka - Round 1 - Right hand by Santos and Yamanaka goes down. Cyborg following up, briefly looks for the choke, can't get it. Yamanaka gets back to her feet, Cyborg with a few more punches and Yamanaka drops again and that'll do it. Cris "Cyborg" Santos wins by TKO (punches), 0:16 Round 1.

Gilbert Melendez vs. Jorge Masvidal - Round 1 - Both men feinting a little and Melendez coming up short with a 1-2 combination. Leg kick by Masvidal. Melendez with a nice right hand. Left hook by Melendez and now a right hand again. Masvidal showboats a little and Melendez tags him with the right hand. Body shot by Masvidal and a knee that misses. Leg kick by Masvidal sends Melendez to the mat for half a second. Masvidal with a few jabs. Melendez with a takedown and almost had a guillotine locked up but Masvidal got out. Melendez is tagging him this round. 10-9 Melendez.

Round 2 - Melendez looking comfortable here early. Body shot and then up to the head for Melendez. Right hand counter to the kick by Melendez. Left hook by Melendez. Jab by Masvidal. Head kick by Masvidal blocked by Melendez. Right hand by Melendez and a one-two combo. Right hand by Melendez. Jab, jab, right hand by Melendez. Good body shot by Masvidal. Melendez feints the takedown and lands an uppercut. Masvidal with an uppercut. Jab by Melendez lands. 10-9 Melendez

Round 3 - Melendez keeps using movement to set up openings for his hands. Masvidal mostly just circling away now. Melendez shoots, can't get it and lands a left hand. Melendez slipping the punches of Masvidal and landing plenty of his own shots. Hard right hand by Melendez. Jab by Masvidal and a jumping knee. Melendez gets tagged with a right hand. Masvidal trying to jab at him but Melendez landing a nice flurry. Nive body shot by Masvidal. Very beautiful punch. Masvidal is landing occasionally this round but Melendez is landing harder and more often.Head kick by Masvidal is blocked. Melendez with a right hand and a body kick. They trade shots now. 10-9 Melendez again.

Round 4 - Melendez comes out and tags him. Melendez with a nice combination to counter a leg kick from Masvidal. Melendez just tagging him with jabs and right hands and you can hear boos crop up in the crowd. It's a solid performance, but this isn't going to make Melendez a star. Masvidal with a few jabs and Melendez with a right hand that cuts it off. Again it's Melendez landing the hard shots. 10-9 Melendez.

Round 5 - Masvidal's corner gave him no advice of any consequence between rounds, telling him to jab and use the right hand "when you can." Uppercut by Masvidal and Melendez lands a right hand. Right hand again by Melendez. Melendez responds to a leg kick with a five punch combination. Right ahdn by Gil again. Left hand by Masvidal lands and then a jab. Masvidal content to stick to doing more of the same this round. Both guys start to open up a bit in the final 45 seconds. Masvidal with a takedown attempt and almost has the back. They stand and the round ends. 10-9 Melendez for the sweep.

Official Scorecards: 50-45, 50-45, 49-46. Gilbert Melendez wins by unanimous decision.