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Video: UFC Legend Jens Pulver Brutally Knocked Out by Tim Elliot

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Jens Pulver during better days.
Jens Pulver during better days.

Jens Pulver headlined the RFA card in Nebraska and faced off against Tim Elliot, an undersized bantamweight with a 6-2-1 record against not-so-stellar competition. Despite people calling for him to end his career on a high note after earning a decent win over Coty Wheeler last August, he still stepped in the cage once again last night.

Like most of the fights he's had these past few years, things didn't go well again for the former UFC champion. This time, it ended up worse than his other losses.

It was truly a sad scene as the 37-year-old Pulver clearly looked like he doesn't have much left in the tank. He survived getting dropped by a left hook during the first round, but as the 2nd round went on, Pulver got tagged repeatedly and eventually got brutally knocked out with a huge knee.

Pulver laid there motionless for an extended period of time.

The knockout loss marks his 9th defeat in his last 13 fights. It's time to stop pretending that those other losses were simply due to submission skills that he had to shore up. Let's hope Pulver finally hangs up the gloves and moves on to other things that wouldn't do serious damage to his long term health.

Watch the footage of the second round below (finish is at 2:25):

Check out video of the first round after the jump.