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Dana White Named Broadcasting & Cable Magazine 2011's Top Sports TV Executive

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UFC President Dana White has been named 2011 Sports TV Executive Of The Year by Broadcasting & Cable Magazine and is on the cover of their December issue.

White has had quite a year, helping orchestrate the UFC's seven-year deal with Fox which will see the MMA organization run four events on "big" Fox with secondary programming featuring live events and compilation programs spilling over to FX, Fuel TV and other Fox family outlets.

Fuel will become the unofficial home of the UFC with over 2000 hours per year of original and archived programming, driving demand among MMA fans who don't yet have it.

He also helped facilitate a deal with Showtime to extend the Strikeforce brand for another two years in a deal announced Thursday, keeping another source of revenue alive while keeping competition off the pay-cable channel. In addition, Spike TV has one more year on their contract, giving the UFC more exposure on a major ad-supported cable network.

In the cover story (available online for subscribers), White addresses pay-per-view numbers being down and what that means for the future.

We are down, but not quite that much. We're in this funk right now. We are in this weird transition from Spike to Fox. If we were still deep in our Spike deal, I would be programming a lot of things on that network right now that I am not. So we are in this weird position between injuries and the transition period from Spike to Fox. We're not concerned. We had a lot of great main events lined up, and the list of injuries is crazy. We lost 10 main events [in 2011] to injury.

The 42-year-old White has never won the award before.