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Great Moments In MMA Marketing: IFL Anthem 'Fight League'

There are times when a promotion has such a great idea to market their product that it creates a buzz and sales improve. The IFL's rap song was not one of those ideas. Featuring the coaches and several of the IFL's stars, the goal was to use a marketing technique that no one had ever used before. Instead, fans were treated with one of the most unintentionally funny marketing campaigns.

Using hip hop producer Jazze Pha the song kicks off with Carlos Newton laying down the first verse. He's followed up by a tone deaf Matt Lindland who talk-sings his way through his verse which is "I am L and I'm hard as hell. When I hit the mat the girls all yell." That's honestly what he says. And then he follows it up with a little bit of a dance. It's amazing.

Renzo Gracie makes an appearance laying down this sick line "I'm Renzo Gracie. Nobody wants to face me. Go harder. Go harder. Go harder in your face-ie!" The remainder of the video shows the obviously drunk coaches and fighters just hanging out in the studio.

This was a terrible idea made worse in the execution. What was probably considered a way to humanize the fighters and coaches instead made them absolute jokes. The IFL dropped the ball on this one with ridiculously bad rap video to promote the product. While it wasn't a contributing factor to the death of the IFL, it did illustrate the shortcomings the promotion had with getting people to take the product seriously.