Your Weekend in Combat Sports (December 16-18)

Did you read my last YWICS while you were pooping??!? If you didn't....I don't even want to know you. How dare you not?....the audacity...

And That's the Way it Was: Twenty fighters that after last weekend who are shining. No fading allowed:

1. Jon Jones: (Read Machida a bedtime story in the main event of UFC 140)
2. Lamont Peterson: (Yeah, I'd say a 10-1 underdog upsetting a man with maybe the quickest hands in the business in your hometown? Yeah, that'll do, Lamont. Peterson becomes the #2 Junior Welterweight in the world behind Timothy Bradley.)
3. Frank Mir: (The first man to knock out AND submit Nogueira? Give Mir a a step up in competition double-time)
4. Chan Sung Jung: (I mean, good god. In Hominick's home! As Chael Sonnen would say, the only thing missing was Zombie matting Hominick's wife on the ass and getting a turkey pot pie.)
5. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira: (Mere minutes before his brother had his arm splintered, Lil' Nog was putting a substantial beating on Tito Ortiz's substantial head.)
6. Yasubey Enomoto: (The Sengoku and M-1 vet captured the M-1 Welterweight Title, choking out Shamil Zavurov in the fifth round and avenging a previous loss. Enomoto is one of the best welterweights in the world not signed to a major promotion. I expect Bellator to get on that ASAP.)
7. Joachim Alcine: (As I tweeted earlier, the wheels really came off of the David Lemieux war wagon, eh? His latest loss was to Alcine by MD in twelve.)
8. Jim Wallhead: (Judo Jim outstruck the boxer, as he knocked Joey Villasenor out cold in the first round at BAMMA 8.)
9. Jimi Manuwa: (In the main event of BAMMA 8, though I don't know why it was, he still retired Atony Rea after the first round. Great showing by Manuwa, though.)
10. Adonis Stevenson: (Weirdly, the actual main event of the Alcine-Lemieux card as he defeated Aaron Pryor Jr. by TKO in the last round. Good for Adonis, whom, judging by his name, probably does not lack for confidence.)
11. Artiom Damkovsky: (Put an end to Jose Figueroa co-maining M-1 cards for damned sure. But beyond that, KO'd a pretty solid indy Lightweight in the co-main of M-1 Challenge 30.)
12. Igor Pokrajac: (Well I certainly didn't see THAT coming. Jesus Christ.)
13. Andre Winner: (The UFC vet picked up another much-needed win at BAMMA over Diego Gonzalez. If the UFC is serious about European expansion, you need guys like Winner ready to go.)
14. Constantinos Pilippou: (If I was super cereal about my picks, I'd be dead right now...and re-watching that fight, I'd have no regrets.)
15. Bao Quach: (Can we please liberate Bao to a decent organization? He's a journeyman for sure, but he's fought everywhere. He started his career 6-8-1. Since then? 13-2. I've followed Bao for a while, and I'm happy he got a win on a Showtime card, but with M-1 invisible from American TV again, it's time to move him out.)
16. Roy Jones Jr.: (Well, take it for what it's worth, but RJJ got his first win in over two years, as well as the vacant UBOI Cruiserweight Championship against Max Alexander. No, I've never heard of the organization or his opponent, but hey, Roy got a W, right? "Can't be touched, can't be stopped, can't be moved, can't be rocked...")
17. Curt Warburton: (Picked up a UD at BAMMA 8. No idea why he was fighting 6 on a card of 11. Hell, in the UFC he was fighting 5/11 against Joe Lauzon. Now he can't get bumped up to a Top-5? Strange, but alas, a dub is a dub.)
18. Greg Soto: (Defeats Chip Moraza-Pollard in the main event of CFFC 12.)
19. Mark Bocek: (Good for Bocek, defeating a fellow tenacious grappler at his own game.)
20. Seth Mitchell: (A two-round TKO over Timur Ibragimov in the co-main of the Peterson-Khan card easily earns him a spot.)

Friday December 16

12:30am Shark Fights (Fuel TV)
2:00am Irving Garcia vs. Kenny Galarza (ESPN Classic)
3:00am Eddie Machen vs. Sonny Liston (ESPN Classic)
4:00am Rocky Marciano vs. Roland Lastarza II (ESPN Classic)
5:00am Ken Buchanan vs. Roberto Duran (ESPN Classic)
7:30am Sunday Morning Classics: Louis/Marciano (ESPN Classic)
3:30pm XFC 15: Tribute (HDNet)
8:00pm World MMA Awards (FSN)
8:30pm Take-On Productions Muay Thai: Rising Stars ($14.99 GoFightLive)
9:00pm Legend Fighting Championship 3/4 (Fuel TV)
10:00pm Legend Fighting Championship 2/4 (Fuel TV)
10:00pm Legacy Fighting Championship 9 (HDNet)

Saturday December 17

12:00am Legend Fighting Championship 3/4 (Fuel TV)
1:00am Legend Fighting Championship 2/4 (Fuel TV)
2:00am Inside MMA w/Scott Coker, Demetrious Johnson, Lorenz Larkin (HDNet)
3:00am Legend Fighting Championship 2/4 (Fuel TV)
3:00am Legacy Fighting Championship 9 (HDNet)
2:00pm Andre Ward vs. Arthur Abraham (Showtime Extreme)
3:00pm Carl Froch vs. Glen Johnson (Showtime Extreme)
6:00pm Gleason's Amateur Fight Night (FREE! GoFightLive)
7:00pm Dead Serious 2 ($9.99 GoFightLive)
9:00pm Andre Ward vs. Carl Froch (Showtime)
9:00pm Legend Fighting Championship 2/4 (Fuel TV)
9:00pm Ring of Fire 42: Who's Next ($14.99 GoFightLive)
10:30pm Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal (Showtime)

Sunday December 18

1:00am Andre Ward vs. Carl Froch (Showtime Extreme)
2:30am Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal (Showtime Extreme)
5:00am Legend Fighting Championship 2/4 (Fuel TV)
8:30am Thai Fight: 2011 Finals ($14.99 GoFightLive)
12:00pm Fallen Champ: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson (ESPN Classic)
4:00pm Fallen Champ: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson (ESPN Classic)

Under the Radar: Names that aren't on American broadcasted shows this week.

Nick Gaston vs. Tony Lopez (KOTC: Magnaflow, December 15, San Manuel Casino, Highland, California)

Sean Strickland
vs. Brandon Hunt (KOTC: Steel Curtain, December 17, Riverwind Casino, Norman, Oklahoma)

Ryan Schultz vs. Angelo Duarte (Ring of Fire 42, December 17, 1stBank Center, Broomfield, Colorado)

Tyler Toner vs. Nick Macies (Ring of Fire 42, December 17, 1stBank Center, Broomfield, Colorado)

Jussier da Silva vs. Rodrigo Santos (Fort MMA Championships 1, December 15, Brazilian Industrial Social Services Gymnasium, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil)

Mario Neto vs. TBA (Recife Fighting Championship 5, December 15, Chevrolet Hall, Pernambuco, Brazil)

Daniel Acacio vs. Edilberto de Oliveira (WFE 11: Platinum, December 16, Gran Hotel Stella Maris, Salvador, Brazil)

Yuya Shirai vs. Taisuke Okuno (DEEP 56 Impact, December 16, Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan)

Mitsuhiro Ishida vs. Doo Ho Choi ((DEEP 56 Impact, December 16, Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan)

Brian Cobb vs. Cristiano Marcello (Desert Force Championship 3, December 16, Dubai, UAE)

Alexandre Barros vs. Fabio Martino (Watch Out Combat Show 17, December 16, Clube Oasis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Tonya Evinger vs. Sarah Alpar (XFL: Rumble on the River 6, December 16, River Spirit Event Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Henry Miller vs. Shinsuke Inoue (Heat 20, December 17, Differ Ariake, Toko, Japan)

Orlando Salido vs. Carlos Manuel Reyes (December 17, Ciudad Obregon, Mexico)

Marco Antonio Rubio vs. Matt Vanda (December 16, Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada)

Best Viewing Options: Am I an old man because I watch "Chopped" like, dozens of times every week? I want to say I'm evolved and matured and that voice inside me that says to go to Culinary School is just tremors, but I'm sane, right? Anyway, here are some other (better) viewing options.

1. Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal: Surprisingly deep card from Coker & Friends. What it lacks in Masvidal as a headliner, it makes up for with depth.

2. Andre Ward vs. Carl Froch: I would have really liked to see this as a full-card event instead just as a tourney final with maybe one undercard fight. A far more important fight than Melendez and Masvidal.

3. Legacy Fighting Championships 9: Lackluster card on paper, but Brounzilis and Patino are always game for a decent fight.

4. Inside MMA: Demetrious Johnson and Lorenz Larkin? Interesting. I'm in.

5. Thai Fight: 2011 Finals: I love fights at unique times. Sunday morning Muay Thai?? Let's kick it in the ass, fellas!

6. Gleison's Amateur Fight Night: Free amateur boxing from the most well-renowned boxing gym in the country! Gleison's always puts on great shows on GFL.

7. Ring of Fire 42: Nice little regional card, you got there ROF. Not for $15, however.

8. Rocky Marciano vs. Roland Lastarza II: Rocky Mariano is on free TV and you're not going to at least DVR it? I hate you.

9. Take-On Productions Muay Thai: Rising Stars: Honestly, probably a better show than the Legacy show that night, but why did John Muay-Thai decide that $15 was the going-rate for Muay Thai PPV? I'm looking at free MMA or $15 MT. All things equal, they have the better card. But $15 around Christmas? Why not FREE but advertise the balls out of it? I'd be OK with that. Or even $5 with no ads. $15? In the words of Newman, "Kramer, I'm with people."

10. Carl Froch vs. Glen Johnson: Rebroadcasted live and free on Showtime Extreme. Great fight, showing how Glen Johnson is still game and made a far-better show in the Super Six than anyone thought against a Carl Froch that kept on keeping on looking to finally be the best.

Fight of the Week: The greatest boxing trilogy of all time. Here's the first installment. Gatti vs. Ward I.

Micky Ward vs Arturo Gatti (Fight/Trilogy) 1 Full Length (Part 1/3) (via TheNewSziisz)

Bold, yet Laughable Predictions: Since I clowned myself last week, I will puff my chest out at one of my favorite predictions, that Houston made the right choice by taking Mario Williams over Vince Young and Reggie Bush. HOOO BOY did that feel good! Don't worry, you'll get to bask in my failure next week, but I figured I needed just one to keep me from seeing if my ceiling can hold my weight.

Fight of the Weekend: Gilbert Melendez vs. Jorge Masvidal

Underrated Fight of the Weekend: Edison Miranda vs. Kariz Kariuki

Disappointing Fight of the Weekend: Andre Ward vs. Carl Froch

Who will be #1 on BV's List Next Week: Andre Ward

If My Life Depended on One Pick: Cristiane Santos over Hiroko Yamanaka

Upset of the Week: Angelo Duarte over Ryan Schultz

Fight to Keep Your Eye On: Caros Fodor vs. Justin Wilcox

Biggest Disappointment:
Carl Froch

Card that Will Deliver the Best Pound-for-Pound Action: Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal

BV Loses You Money: Luckily, my captors allowed to continue to draw breath after my Hamman pick, so I'll try it again.

Last Weekend's Hangover:
If you put down $100 on each of my predictions last week, you'd have today:
BV Lost You: $30!
On the Year: -$652

This Weekend:

Andre Ward -350 Carl Froch
Over 9.5 Rounds -600 Ward vs. Froch
Gilbert Melendez -400 Jorge Masvidal

Lines courtesy of BetUS

The Black Velvet Sponsered Bloody Elbow Fantasy Combat Sports Fantasy League: (BVSBEFCSFL)

My Lineup This Week:

Featherweight: Cristiane Santos
Lightweight: Justin Wilcox
Welterweight: Andre Ward
Middleweight: Edinson Miranda
Light Heavyweight: Gegard Mousasi
Heavyweight: Derrick Lewis

Take a Knee: Even the biggest combat sports fan needs to recharge their batteries before diving back in. Here are four games that are nationally broadcasted this weekend that deserve your eyes as well on Friday and Saturday.

Boston @ Philadelphia (Saturday 1:00, NHL Network, NESN, CSN-PH): Olde-time hockey, kids. Eddie Shore. This one is gonna get chippy, and I couldn't be happier.

New Mexico Bowl: Temple vs. Wyoming (Saturday 2:00, ESPN): The cynic will look at this and guffaw and say "Temple and Wyoming? PFFTT, yeah, there aren't too many bowl games...(wanking off motion)". The sports-romantic in me loves the absolute turnaround that Al Golden started with a dead-to-rights program and made them relevant and has continued with Steve Addazio. While Wyoming, a program that should never flourish, because, you know, they're in WYOMING, churning out a solid program year-after-year. That's why I can't pull myself away from college football as much as I'd probably like to. Too many layers and stories. In theory, NFL teams are all relatively similar. Same stadium structures, same level of players, teams move, players move, coaches move, it all comes out the same in the wash. Not college football. Everything is so radically different from team to team, sometimes mere minutes away from each other. Unless you're a CFB fanatic, it's hard to explain.

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl: Ohio vs. Utah State (Saturday 5:30, ESPN): OK, I can't defend this one. However, if you're just a casual fan or not a fan at all, I'm BEGGING you to turn to this game for literally five seconds. I won't spoil it, but Boise State University's stadium is significantly different from every other football stadium that has ever existed. That's all I'll say. Prepare to have your mind blown.

New Orleans Bowl: San Diego State vs. Louisiana-Lafayette (Saturday 9:00 ESPN): Something about The Superdome makes every game played inside it same epic. That's not the case here, but it'll seem that way. Love stadiums like that.

Your YouTube Finale: Meet the creepiest arch-rivals of the gang of Paddy's Pub, the site of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the McPoyles. Liam, Ryan, Doyle, Margaret, and the rest of the inbred family. Plus, hey, Phantom Planet!

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia with Jimmi Simpson (via Ditte100)

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