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Robert Peralta vs. Mackens Semerzier Result Switched to No Contest

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Image via Esther Lin
Image via Esther Lin

The first UFC on Fox card on November 12th was full of stories, but one of the results was largely forgotten about moments after it happened. In the third round of a splrited featherweight bout between Robert Peralta and Mackens Semerzier on the undercard, Peralta landed an accidental headbutt that led to him finishing Semerzier with strikes. Referee John McCarthy completely missed the headbutt, and Peralta was given the TKO win. Today though, Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting reports that the California State Athletic Commission has stepped in and fixed things:

The result of the Nov. 12 Mackens Semerzier vs. Robert Peralta fight has been changed to a no contest following a Tuesday hearing in California, Semerzier's manager Brian Butler-Au of SuckerPunch Entertainment confirmed with

Semerzier had filed an appeal after the outcome of the bout, and it was obviously successful. One other interesting thing that Helwani noted was that Peralta never responded to the request to attend the hearing, and was not in attendance. Semerzier wasn't either, though it was due to an illness and his manager was there in his place.

Peralta had been scheduled to meet Charles Oliveira at UFC on FX 1 in Nashville, but the bout was scrapped and Oliveira will now face Eric Wisely at UFC on Fox 2 instead. Will we see a rematch between Peralta and Semerzier soon? The BE magic 8 ball says "sure, why not".