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Junie Browning Involved in Brawl in Phuket, Accused of Beating Woman Earlier That Night

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The Junie Browning saga continues. After a stint on The Ultimate Fighter and a win on the Finale show of that season, Browning lost to Cole Miller and then, later in the year, was involved in a situation where he appeared to take several pills, was taken to a hospital where he ended up hitting some of the nursing staff. He was released from the UFC following the incident.

Now Junie has gotten into quite the issue in Phuket. From

Police have mounted a Phuket-wide hunt for an American man who started one brawl in a Phuket bar then continued it in the emergency treatment ward at Patong Hospital.

Authorities at Phuket International Airport are on the alert for the man.

Police have named the suspect they wish to interview as Allen Browning, 26, a Thai boxer who fled into the night on Sunday in Patong and has not bee seen since.

Earlier in the night, Mr Browning allegedly was seen beating up on an expat woman in a bar in Patak Road Karon. He also lashed out at Thai female staff when they tried to intervene, police said.

Four other tourists from Australia and the US also attempted to intervene but Mr Browning lashed out at them, too, police said. The brawling continued when all the participants were taken for treatment at Patong Hospital.

Browning took to his Facebook attempting to explain:


Junie sounds a little too proud of the situation, doesn't he?