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Strikeforce's Herschel Walker Featured in December's Playboy, May Have One More Fight

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Strikeforce heavyweight and former NFL/college football star Herschel Walker is featured in December's edition of Playboy, giving some insight into his MMA training.

The feature (also available on the Playboy website and safe for work) contains a lot of what people already know about Walker: he's a driven individual, ridiculously athletic and wanted to fight for the competition and not for the money. It also goes into detail about his businesses, his multiple personality disorder and athletic background.

An interesting note is that Walker was interviewed in July and the story mentions that he was training for a third fight. As the year closes with a Strikeforce event this Saturday and a January event already booked, there's been no word as to whether the 49-year-old will get that fight.

If it happens, it apparently will be his last.

Those who care about Walker are now urging him to walk away from MMA. "We all feel scared," says his fiancee Julie Blanchard. "His family does not approve. He’s done it. He’s proved it." Walker hears them but says he will finish on his own terms. After this last fight, he says, "I can guarantee you there will be no more. It really won’t make sense for me to continue to fight after this year."

Walker made his debut in January 2010 with a third round TKO win over Greg Nagy and returned a year later with a first round TKO win over Scott Carson.