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UFC 140 Results: Six Fights To Make Following Jones Vs. Machida

I'm back in my armchair and ready to provide some more analysis on UFC 140. The card should go down as one of the best from top to bottom in UFC history. Between Jon Jones showing that he's dangerous from literally all positions with that gruesome guillotine that put Machida to sleep while standing up and Frank Mir's epic kimura that broke Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira's arm, the night was historically important for various reasons. As with every event, there are some fights to make afterwards, let's take a look at the six fights to make following UFC 140.

Jon Jones vs Rashad Evans: Prior to last night I thought that Rashad was the only person who could honestly challenge Jones. Now I'm not sure there is anyone in the division who can honestly beat him. The fight is needed to bring their beef to an end. Afterwards I don't really see anyone that poses a real challenge to Bones.

Frank Mir vs Brock Lesnar: This depends on if Mir can get medically cleared but he and Lesnar need to settle their rivalry. Tomorrow the NSAC is meeting to discuss Alistair Overeem. If the Reem is pulled from UFC 141, only Frank Mir could save that card.

Frank Mir vs Cain Velasquez: If Overeem isn't pulled from UFC 141, I'd love to see Frank Mir fight former UFC champion Cain Velasquez. Mir has proven that he's definitely one of the best in the world and that he has the ability to fight through adversity to win a fight. Cain's grappling has been built up by Dave Camarillo. Will Cain's wrestling be able to stop Mir's love for ripping off arms? I want to see this fight and find out.

Chan Sung Jung vs Hatsu Hioki: I'd love to see this fight in Japan. Hell I'd love to see this fight anywhere. It makes sense divisionally and could establish Jung as a contender. If Hioki wins, that's two solid wins in the UFC's featherweight division which is enough to become a contender for a belt.

Lyoto Machida vs Dan Henderson: Hendo has one big win in the light heavyweight division but if he's going to be sidelined, it may be a good idea to make this fight happen. Machida will play the distance game which will allow fans to see if Henderson could deal with Jones' ranger. Beating Henderson could get Machida back on track with a huge win over on of the all time pound for pound best fighters.

Mark Hominick vs Michihiro Omigawa: It's safe to say that Omigawa isn't going to make any run at the featherweight title but he is a good 45er that a fight with Hominick makes sense. Both can put on exciting fights when they need to and the match up between Omigawa's boxing and judo vs Hominick's kickboxing and jiu jitsu is interesting.

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