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UFC 140 Results: Jon Jones Told to Check on Lyoto Machida Post-Fight to 'Get Some Fans'

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Jon Jones may be the best fighter in the world, but he still has a bit of an image problem. He's seen as having a very carefully manufactured public image. Some people have an issue with that image as being "phony" while others have taken issue with Jones as being "cocky." This has led to situations like the UFC 140 weigh-in where Jones was booed loudly by the crowd in attendance.

Cocky doesn't bother me at all, I expect the best in the world at anything to be cocky. But I have written in the past that I don't care for some of how he comes across so carefully managed in public. It's a personal thing and everyone is going to see different athletes through different lenses

There's a video circulating now from the aftermath of 140 where, after choking Lyoto Machida unconscious, Jones is told by Greg Jackson to check on Machida for the purpose of "getting some fans."

Here's the video (via the twitter of poker pro Terrence Chan):

Look, the truth is, it makes sense for Jones to make a good show of sportsmanship by checking on Machida there. And yes, it makes sense from a PR perspective. But this is only going to add to some people's dislike of Jones.

Jones will now look to many even more like a guy who has to be told what to do and why to do it. He doesn't check on Machida because he's concerned about his well being, he checks on him because his coach told him it'd be good for his image.

It's not even that it's the wrong thing to do from a PR standpoint, it's just that it's a bad look when it's caught on camera. And there are plenty of people who aren't going to forget this.

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