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Cotto vs. Margarito 2 - Video of the First Meeting

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Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito will rematch this Saturday night on HBO PPV in arguably the most anticipated boxing card of the year. The broadcast is stacked with great fights and will build right into the grudge match between the men who met for the first time all the way back in 2008.

While it was Cotto that jumped out to a nice early lead using slick boxing and powerful combinations, it was Margarito who was able to come back in the middle rounds and wilt Cotto with his power shots. When Margarito was found having loaded hand wraps applied in his next bout against Shane Mosley it created an immediate sense of controversy for the Cotto bout given that it was only natural to question if he was loading his wraps at that point as well.

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HBO has released the full video of the first fight as a promotional tool for Saturday night's rematch. Here is the video for you to see exactly why this rematch is so anticipated:

We'll have more on the fight this week as it's simply the biggest fight of the weekend and has the potential to be the best fight card of 2011.