Why The Complaints About UFC 138 Are Legitimate

So much like I predicted in the Main Card comments, everyone is coming out of the woodwork and shouting from the rooftops about how entertaining the card was and how everyone should  have just shut up. Keep your opinions to yourself until the card is over and then it is okay to pass judgement. Well, I will not be told to stop bitching up a storm! Here is why:

Better Options:  As was mentioned before, Clay Guida v. Ben Henderson would have been an infinitely more exciting and relevant main event. Not only as a ME fight, but as the first 5 round non-title main event fight. I would saw my balls off with a wooden cooking spoon to see Ben and Clay do a five rounder headlining a Spike card. Instead we got Munoz v. Leben, which was a fight for 2nd in line in the Middleweight division and Clay v. Ben is buried on Facebook and on the screens of the 14 people who get FOX Latino or something. It is a completely bonkers decision I will never understand.

Seven Divisions:   There are seven goddamn divisions in the UFC right now. SEVEN! The best they can come up with is Edward Falolololatolol on the main card of a numbered event.

England Deserves Better:    Zuffa wants to expand and make the UFC a truly global brand. England is a market that has long been coveted by the UFC, so much that Dan Hardy doesn't get cut after losing 42 fights in a row. So much so that Dana White would give 5 years off the back end of his life to be able to give Michael Bisping a title shot. This has proven to be impossible due to the Michael Bisping Career Trajectory. They also gave the UK an entire team on TUF just to get more British fighters in the fold and give them some exposure. The British fans always sell out arenas when the UFC comes to town and the last headlining fight with any significance was BJ Penn vs. Joe Stevenson 58 numbered events ago. Since then it has been Diego Sanchez vs. Joe Stevenson, Chris Leben vs. Michael Bisping, Michael Bisping vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama and Chris Leben vs. Mark Munoz. If they really want to reward loyal fans, they would send them a goddamn amazing card to truly be excited over and not filler that can sell just because they are excited they are getting a night of fights.


In the end, yes, the card was entertaining. You know what else is entertaining? Storage Warswatching people get hit in the nuts and viewing videos of people doing impossible sit-ups on YouTube. When the best you can offer one of the most loyal markets you have and your cable television audience is a co main fight between two guys no casual fan has ever heard of and a main event fight between two guys fighting for at best the #2 contender slot, you have really screwed the pooch.

Make better use of your immense talent pool. Make a star or two while you have our attention (although Renan Barao probably made the biggest splash Saturday night) and quit offering up appetizers as main courses. I want some goddamn steak and potatoes for dinner, not mozzerella sticks.

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