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Cesar Gracie Wants to Merge Camps With B.J. Penn

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It's no secret that B.J. Penn used to be a Gracie fighter. He started his career under the tutelage of Ralph Gracie, and at the time Ralph and Cesar Gracie were part of one united camp. It obviously didn't last, as B.J. preferred living in Hawaii and branched off on his own. Ralph obviously still has some hard feelings about this - just watch the great documentary Renzo Gracie: Legacy to see what he has to say about that. But Cesar Gracie holds no such grudge, and even though his protege Nick Diaz fought and defeated Penn last weekend at UFC 137, Gracie wants to form an alliance between his own camp and Penn's. Gracie shared this with Pedro Carrasco, editor of

"I think the joining of our camps, of our teams together, a sort of coalition would benefit him incredibly and it would benefit us too. Guys like BJ Penn, Reagan Penn, Nick and Nathan, you know, Gilbert Melendez all the guys on our team would benefit from having those guys around."

Gracie has a lot more to say about the idea, and also gives his honest opinion of Penn's career and how it can be revived. It's actually pretty interesting, and a lot different than the usual Gracie bluster. You can check out the full audio here, and a transcription of some of the best parts here.