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Pro Elite 2 Post-Fight Analysis and Other Thoughts

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Never again.
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This tweet by Pro Elite promoter T.Jay Thompson sums up this card. Perhaps the only story coming out of the card is that Reagan Penn may have worse cardio than B.J. and the fight to make for him is against Nick Serra. Pro Elite can book it as Penn/Serra 2. Oh and Arlovski knocked out Travis Fulton with one second left in the fight. Finally, the old Tim Sylvia is back. The one that just hugs you against the cage. It was the same fight he fought when he faced Ausserio Silva. That time he used the excuse that he defecated in his pants for his poor performance. Leading to the question: Did Tim Sylvia poop his pants tonight as well? 

I'll allow the Jay Sherman to have the final word...

SBN coverage of ProElite 2