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UFC on Fox: Cain Velasquez Talks About His Shoulder Injury and Recovery

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UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez busted up his right shoulder pretty badly in his fight with Brock Lesnar at UFC 121 last October. He ended up tearing his labrum and rotator cuff, and has dealt with almost a year's worth of recovery time. Velasquez discussed the injury on today's UFC on Fox conference call, and Luke Thomas of MMA Nation transcribed what Cain had to say. He started with what led up to getting surgery and how long he was off:

"Right after the Brock fight, six weeks after, in between the six weeks, the doctors said that maybe with just rehabbing it without surgery, it would probably get better so that's what we did," Velasquez told the media today on a UFC on Fox  conference call. "We rehabbed it for six weeks, hoping that it would heal itself from there and once we got back after six weeks, we checked it out again and it was still torn and the doctor said, 'We needed surgery now. This would be the fastest thing.'"


"We ended up getting surgery in January," said Velasquez, "and it was up until July when we got the green light to go ahead and start training 100 percent."

Velasquez also admitted that the rehab was hard on him, but says he has made a full recovery:

"It was definitely frustrating there at times," a candid Velasquez acknowledged. "I'm a guy that likes to stay active. I like to be at the gym. I like to train and getting that taken away from you is definitely tough, but I just tried to keep my head in other things at that moment. I would try to do stuff for the UFC, signings, just something to keep me busy."


"It just took time for it to get better, but I'm happy that I listened to my doctor. I'm happy that I went through it and didn't rush it because now it feels 100 percent."

Returning from an injury is always a trying experience, and Velasquez will have the added pressure of doing it on a huge stage - the UFC's first fight on network TV.  You can catch the the full audio from the conference call, which includes Velasquez and his opponent Junior dos Santos discussing a variety of things, over at MMA Nation.

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