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Video: Marius Zaromskis Unleashes Rolling Koppou Kick at Rumble of the Kings

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It wasn't that long ago that Marius Zaromskis was one of the hottest names outside of the UFC. After bringing serious amounts of violence to the table as he headkicked his way through men like Hayato Sakurai and Jason High in Japan, Zaromskis found his way to Strikeforce where the hype train derailed a bit.

A TKO loss to Nick Diaz, a TKO loss to Cyborg Santos and a no contest against Waachiim Spiritwolf set his career back considerably. Yesterday at Rumble of the Kings 2011, Zaromskis faced 13-5 Bruno Carvalho and snapped his eight fight win streak, and he did it in style.

Check the knockout:

Yes, that was a Jushin "Thunder" Liger style rolling koppou kick that got the ball rolling on the TKO. Carvalho couldn't recover after getting hit with the rolling kick and a few punches sealed the deal. It's hard to see where Zaromskis will end up long term but his ability to create highlight reel finishes is top-level for this sport.