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James Thompson Goes On Tirade After Disputed KSW 17 Loss to Mariusz Pudzianowski

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James Thompson, who is most famous for his fight with Kimbo Slice in EliteXC, just cut one of the craziest post-fight interviews you'll ever see after his loss to Mariusz Pudzianowski today. Pudzian was granted a majority decision win after two rounds, despite Thompson controlling the first round quite easily. KSW fights generally only go two rounds, but if the rounds are split, they go to an overtime round. Everyone expected that to be the case here, but apparently not.

After Pudzianowski spoke to the crowd, Thompson took the mic and went off on a profanity-laced tirade against the promotion, which ended with Thompson actually cornering the promoter and yelling at him. The camera cut away before he was done, but he actually ended up tossing the mic at him. 

Here is the video of his promo. A warning for the more politically correct people out there - the video is full of words your children probably shouldn't hear, and this is definitely not safe for work.

Here's what he said:

"F**king joke. Give Mariusz a big round of applause. Come on. What a f***ing joke. I thought KSW was really trying to be serious. If you can watch that back and call that serious, then (looking at the promoter) you're f***ed, and KSW is going down the f***ing toilet."