UFC 139: My Thoughts From The Arena

I just got done browsing the live thread from the event and I figures I could just give my perspective since I was lucky enough to be in attendance.

There were a pretty good amount of people there for the prelims. Certainly the most people for any preliminary fights at the cards I have attended.

I had to go pee during Tom Lawlor's entrance but I did find it incredible amusing to be at a row of wall toilets with a couple dozen other dudes listening to "Let's Get Physical". I got back to my seat just in time to see Tom get strangled for about 6 seconds longer than he needed to be.

The women love Urijah Faber. The squeals from the lady folk were very loud and I am sure he no problem slaying a few of San Jose's easiest finest that night.

Cung Le had the majority of the crowd behind him and I found that to be sad. I dont care if we are in his hometown. It is WANDERLEI FUCKING SILVA! I would cheer for Wand if he was fighting my own mother. It really seemed that once Wand survived the early spinning fish that it was just a matter of time. It was during the second round that the crowd realized who they SHOULD be cheering for and the place exploded when Silva started crushing Cung with those knees. It was deafening when the ref stepped in. I was so happy for him. I was just glad I got to hear "Sandstorm" while the man walked in to do battle. I'm glad I got to see a true legend like that fight  before he hung up his gloves....and get a win on top of it.

The main event was getting ready and the arena was weird. We could barely get amped for the forthcoming fight. I think we were so emotionally and to an extent physically drained after the Silva v. Le fight that we almost needed a collective power nap before the main event in order to properly participate. The intros seemed lukewarm and the first round got a solid reception from the crowd but we still were dazed from the previous bout...THEN sometime during the second round you could feel a shift. It was almost like we all of the sudden knew that we were somewhere else. The arena began buzzing as these two men took each other's absolute best shots and kept coming back for more. The buzz kept growing and growing and suddenly it was apparent that we were in the middle of history. We had a classic on our hands. By the time the final horn sounded the entire crowd was on their feet. Not screaming, not Just Bleed type shit, just standing and applauding. We were in shock. I turned to the guys behind us and said, "Who won?!?!!?" because I seriously had no idea. It didn't even matter. What we just saw was the kind of display that turns men into legends. I still feel honored to have even been in the same room that fight took place in.

After the post fight interviews, I finally sat down and I was tired. Emotionally, mentally and physically tired. I knew that those two men took years off their lives inside that cage. It was a spectacle that I will never, ever forget.

I wonder what it is like to be in that moment as Dan or Shogun. Are you aware of the gravity of the situation beyond the man in front of you? Do you feel as though you are in the midst of something special or are you just trying to survive?

We knew as it progressed that history was being made in front of our eyes. I just want to thank those guys for their sacrifice in the cage Saturday night. I doubt I will ever see another display of aggression, desire and perseverance again in my life.

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