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UFC 139 Results: Wanderlei Silva Thinks Cung Le Should Thank Him for New Hollywood Look

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Wanderlei Silva is one of the UFC's most beloved fighters, an honor he has earned through a long career filled with memorable fights and an easy to appreciate desire to put on thrilling fights. At UFC 139 he picked up a very big win after stopping Cung Le with strikes in the second round.

Now Silva tells MMA Heat's Karyn Bryant that Cung Le should thank him for the beating he handed out. Best quote from the video (ht: MMA Mania):

He's a really good fighter, he's a tough, tough guy. Right now with that nose, he's going to make more money in Hollywood because now he looks like a more real fighter. He should thank me for making his nose look better. For his job, it's so good.

Maybe he is on to something. Then again, this isn't exactly a good look for the big screen:


via Cung Le's Twitter account

If nothing else, Cung has plenty of reason now to want to get back to making movies and stay away from another beating like the one he got this past Saturday.

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