Lyoto Machida puts on 20+ pounds of muscle. Taking Jones serious.

Lyoto Machida is taking Jon Jones seriously. Very seriously. Once seen as an unbeatable enigma, Lyoto has suffered some setbacks in his post-champion career. Now Machida fines himself with a title shot and he isn't leaving anything to chance.

Working long days and bringing in Trainers, physical conditioners, physiologist, and physiotherapist to fine tune his regimen. Lyoto is also training in a smaller octagon to fine tune the effectiveness of his technical fighting style. More impressively he has three cameras running in real time to help his trainers correct small mistakes in his form. In the video below he uses the technology to change foot positioning for his take down defense.

Most startling of all is that Lyoto claims to have put on about 10kgs (22 pounds) of muscle for this fight. That's some serious power for an already dangerous striker.

 Machida is considered by many to be a supreme style match-up for Jones.  Jon Jones is an impressive young champion who has dominated every fighter placed before him. UFC 140 promises to be a real unstoppable force versus an immovable object.

Don't forget to turn on the subtitles on the video below.

Lyoto Machida training for Jon Jones (via vatafuck)

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