BElitist UFC 139 Pre-Game Planning Thread

So here is the deal. I have been blathering about a tailgate party before UFC 139. HP Pavilion does not allow tailgating so thanks a lot, powers that be. Crappy decision making by you!

I was thinking that instead we could all go to some kind of cool place to eat and fill up on too much food and drink some beverages before making our way to HP Pavilion to be damn near the only people there for prelims. If we get good and drunk at our pregame establishment, we can probably scream loud enough to get every BE meme on the facebook broadcast. Not to mention we could start a big "Farthammer" chant because there is not enough salt on this earth for me to rub in his Babysitter's Club wounds. 

Hit me up with any ideas of locations where we could do this and we can put it to a vote or something. If you guys are still into it, I am still into it.


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