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UFC on Fox: Velasquez vs. dos Santos - Live Results and Play-By-Play for Facebook Prelims

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Tonight the UFC makes its network television debut with Cain Velasquez vs Junior Dos Santos for the World Heavyweight Title. It's a milestone for the UFC and MMA. A big time title fight shown for free on network television. As with every MMA card, Bloody Elbow is here for you with a live play by play and discussion post.

The prelims kick off at 4:45 p.m. ET/1:45 p.m. PT on both Facebook and The Dustin Poirier vs. Pablo Garza and Ben Henderson vs. Clay Guida fights will be streamed as well as aired live on Fox Deportes. While the prelims are airing, the UFC will also be running a pre-show on Fuel TV with analysis from Alistair Overeem and Brock Lesnar. 

Main Event discussion is here.

SBN coverage of UFC on Fox 1: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos

Aaron Rosa vs. Matt Lucas

Round 1: The fighters are out and Lucas is the first to attack. Throws some pretty sloppy punches before clinching to look for the takedown. They clinch against the fence before Lucas drags it to the ground. Lands two punches and Rosa stands up. Kick from Rosa. Nice combo from Rosa inside. Rosa pushes forwards witha  combo and Lucas ducks for a takedown. Rosa shrugs it off well. Nice inside straight from Lucas but he's looking tired. Rosa again comes forward and against Lucas fails on his takedown attempt. Nice knee from Rosa. Full thai clinch from Rosa while throwing knees to the body. The arena is empty right now. Sloppy punches from Rosa. Lucas fails for a third time on a takedown attempt. Elbows to the body from Rosa. Lucas just isn't chaining attempts together. Knees by Rosa from the clinch. Elbows to the head while Lucas attempts another takedown. Knees to the body. Lucas is just getting beat up in the clinch. Clear 10-9 for Aaron Rosa.

Round 2: Technical difficulties in the second round with my browser. More of the same. Lucas failed on takedown attempts. He was deducted a point for spitting out his mouthguard again After getting penalized a point he got a single leg. Rosa stood up as the round ended. 10-8 Aaron Rosa. 

Round 3: As the round starts Lucas lands a big hook. He's swinging for it knowing he is down 3 points. The work in the clinch from Rosa looks improved. Nice inside elbows and knees to the body from Rosa. Another big elbow. Lucas looks exhausted. Rosa is working nicely from the thai clinch. Lands a big knee to the head. He comes forward with punches that land. Matt Lucas is so tired and he's failing on yet another takedown attempt. Rosa shucks off and lands a nice inside leg kick. There's just nothing left in Matt's tank. He's getting brutalized in the clinch. Rosa is looking for the finish while Lucas is looking to just survive. Lucas spits his mouthpiece out AGAIN! COME ON! Rosa just beating him up in the clinch. This is the incredible. Big John doesn't take a point but resets their position after a short time out. Nice takedown defense from Rosa on Lucas' last takedown attempt. Clear 10-8 from Aaron Rosa. I have this fight 30-25. Let's see what the judges say. 

Official Result: Aaron Rosa by Majority Decision (28-28, 30-26, 30-26)


Mike Pierce vs. Paul Bradley

Round 1: Piece closes the distance quickly and forces the clinch against the fence. Lands a big right on the exit. Bradley lands a left hook. Trading kicks. Bradley misses a combo. Pierce looks for a takedown but Bradley fights it off. Nice footwork by Bradley early on. Pierce rushes in but Bradley turns him into the fence. Pierce lands a big right hand. Bradley drops for a takedown. Huge leg kick from Pierce. Pierce wildly throwing punches. Bradley backs away. Bradley with a big punch and then a superman punch. Bradley drops for the double and gets it. Pierce stands up and Bradley just riding his back. Bradley is circling well. Pierce lands a big combo as he pushes Bradley against the fence. Both men bleeding as they fight from the clinch. I'm scoring it 10-9 Pierce. Close round. 

Round 2: Bradley comes forward with a nice combination to start the round. Pierce comes forward with his own combo. Bradley gets the thai clinch but doesn't do anything with it. Nice dirty boxing from Pierce. Bradley with a combo that doesn't land. Pierce shoots and gets stuffed. Fighting from the clinch. They trade knees to the body. Both men are evenly matched with strength and power. Pierce pushes Bradley agains the fence and Bradley pushes back off. Overhand right from Pierce. Bradley is bleeding from the forehead and looks to have swelling over the eye. Telegraphed shot from Bradley almost results in a takedown. More fighting from the clinch. Nice jab from Bradley. Bradley looks for an uppercut, Pierce lands a leg kick. Bradley looking to end the round strong with a combo. Nice round for Pierce. 10-9 Mike Pierce. He still looks fresh.

Round 3: Pierce lands a nice flurry of punches. Bradley clinches and they fight with knees pushing back and forth. Pierce attempts a punch on the exit but Bradley holds on and lands a knee. Takedown attempt by Bradley and Pierce sprawls out. The ref breaks off a clinch and they clinch again. Bradley isn't doing anything with it. Pierce with some short punches to the body. Bradley gets the takedown and is just holding onto the legs whole Pierce tries to slide out and escape. Bradley gives it up. He's just too tired to hold on and keep the fight on the ground. Nice short hook by Bradley as Pierce comes forward. Pierce with some solid punches. Bradley just doesn't have anything left. Pierce lands a big shot as does Bradley as the fight ends. I have it 10-9 Pierce. And 30-27. Let's see what the judges say.  

Official Result: Mike Pierce wins Split Decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29)


Alex Caceres vs. Cole Escovedo

Round 1: Caceres with a front kick and body kick. Caceres with a straight left. He's looking good early. Side-snap kick. Nice hook to the body by Caceres but he almost walks into a thai clinch. Caceres fakes a kick and lands to the head. Cole taking his time to find his range and Alex's timing. Caceres looks for a flying knee and Escovedo clinches looking for a takedown. Okay that was a crazy kick by Caceres. It was a flying switch kick. Dude is explosive. Escovedo finally opening up with kicks. Looks like Caceres landed low and Escovedo just got mad. Just comes forward and drops Alex. Nice way to end the round. 10-9 Alex Caceres. 

Round 2: Caceres again comes out as the aggressor. Lands a nice combination. Escovedo still can't find his range. Alex keeps avoiding the leg kicks. Nice body punch from Caceres. Body punch again from Caceres. Escovedo lands two kicks. Alex misses a side kick and Cole Escovedo gets the fight to the ground. Cole looks for a leg lock to sweep but can't keep Alex down. Cole looks for a standing jumping flying arm triangle. But he doesn't lock Bruce Leeroy up. He's definitely tired. Cole comes forward but can't really land as Caceres backs away. Flying knee from Caceres then a spinning back fist. This is the best that Caceres has ever looked. Huge push kick. Escovedo gets the clinch and an inside elbow. No attempt to get the fight to the ground. 10-9 Alex Caceres. So weird writing that. 

Round 3: Side kick from Caceres. Alex Caceres fighting like he's been watching game of death. Caceres gets takendown and throws up a triangle. Cole escapes. Armbar is tight and again Cole escape. Caceres with an omoplata! Escovedo escapes again but Caceres stands up. Nice ground work for Alex Caceres. Cole lands a punch finally but Alex is still pushing forward with kicks. Sorry this is just wild that Alex Caceres is fighting so well. What the hell? Wild upper cut to spinning back fist to a round house? Yeah Caceres just threw that. Escovedo gets him down and passes to side control. He jumps to Alex's back and looks for an armbar. Nice defense. Alex stands up and the fight ends with them trading punches. 10-9 Alex Caceres. Best performance of his career. 

Official Result: Alex Caceres by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Mackens Semerzier vs. Robert Peralta

Round 1: Kick lands low almost immediately. Semerzier lands a low kick. Peralta fires back and his leg is caught. Mackens looking for the takedown against the fence but Robbie keeps a wide base. Knees to the body from Mackens. Mackens looks for a high crotch single and Peralta keeps his footing. Nice work inside. Kick by Peralta is counter with a punch to the face that drops Peralta. Nice work from both men. Mackens just pushing forward. Wild single by Mackens who just muscles the takedown. Semerzier doing good work trying to pass guard. Peralta working the butterfly guard. Mackens throws the legs to the side and lands a monstrous punch as the round ends. 10-9 Mackens.

Round 2: Nice boxing from both. They trade punches and Peralta drops Mackens with a right. Semerzier looking for a takedown and he's just eating punches to the head. He's survived for now by clinching against the fence. Another kick low. Mackens and Robert are throwing to finish this fight right now. Looks like Mackens has gotten his legs back. Nice straight right by Mackens. Right hook from Robert Peralta. Spinning back kick from Peralta. Uppercut lands. Kicks from Semerzier. 10-9 Peralta.  

Round 3: Hand from Peralta looks alright despite Rogan's professional medical diagnosis that it was broken in the second. Mackens with some really nice kicks. Awesome kick from Peralta. Semerzier gets dropped and then just destroyed with punches while he's trying to get a takedown. Big John stops the fight. Replays show it was by a clash of heads. Explains why Peralta had that egg on his brow and Mackens' head was bleeding. Accidental headbutt but a headbutt nonetheless. 

Official Result: Robert Peralta by Referee Stoppage (TKO) at 1:54 


Norifumi Yamamoto vs. Darren Uyenoyama

Round 1: Kid moving well early. Kid attacks with a combo and Darren drops for a takedown. Kid steps away. Kid comes in and Darren clinches, Kid backs away. Leg kick from Kid. Darren just doesn't want to fight on the feet. Kid's shorts are so rad. Kid Yamamoto clinches against the fence and then he hip tosses Darren. Stands and does it again. Darren gets full guard almost immediately. Such fluidity on the ground. Darren throws his legs up and Kid Yamamoto stands up and backs away. Kid comes in with an uppercut. Darren catches a head kick and pushes Kid to the ground. Darren with tight top control. Kid drives forward and gets top position. Darren takes Kid's back and has both hooks in. A minute left and now a body triangle. This is crazy. Joe Rogan is going nuts too. Kid survives and is almost out from a rear naked choke. 10-9 Kid but wow that was close. Darren looks great on the ground. 

Round 2: Clean left hand from Kid opens up Darren's head and drops him. Darren diving for a leg and Kid defends well. Darren shifts to a double. He gets the fight to the ground and he's already passed to half-guard. Kid tries to scramble and Darren flawlessly takes the back and gets the body triangle. Darren using punches to soften Kid up. Darren gives up the body triangle but takes it again. This is all Darren Uyenoyama right now. He's working for the choke but he's not under the chin. Darren is just punishing the guts with punches to soften Kid. He's got 40 seconds left in the round. Kid is defending the choke well. Nice right to the head from Darren. He ends the round with punches. 10-9 Darren Uyenoyama. 19-19 on my card. 

Round 3: Rogan repeats that Kid dropped Masato in K-1 MAX. Kid low kick and he slips on the ground. Kid comes forward with punch and Darren just grabs and falls back into guard. Darren with rubber guard. Crackhead control from Darren who just has Yamamoto stuck. Kid shucks off a bit and now Darren with the high guard. Kid steps out and he knows he has to finish the fight. Kid pushes forward and Darren clinches with the body lock. Knees to the body from Darren. Kid tries a throw but Uyenoyama defends. Referee breaks them. 30 seconds left. Fake spinning attack from Darren. Kid lands a right hand flush. Fight ends and Darren circles away. 10-9 Darren Uyenoyama. 29-28 Darren Uyenoyama. Kid just couldn't find range and had a hard time cutting off the cage. 

Official Result: Darren Uyenoyama by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-27)


DaMarques Johnson vs. Clay Harvison

Round 1: Both fighters trying to find range early throwing jabs. Clay lands first but Johnson lands a short left that backs him up. Clay with two kicks. DaMarques with a left that drops Clay. He throws a single punch that puts him out. Herb Dean steps in before anything else can happen. Nice win for DaMarques Johnson.

Official Result: DaMarques Johnson by Knockout at 1:34


Cub Swanson vs. Ricardo Lamas

Round 1: Cub active on his feet trying to find range. He lands two kicks. Lamas ducks and Swanson ends up on his back. Kick to the body from Lamas. Swanson lands low and Lamas takes his time to recover. Back to action and Lames gets the takedown and is working to pass guard. Throwing elbows from the top but leaving his head in a guillotine if Swanson wants it. It's tight and Lamas slams him, Swanson hands on. Lamas stands up and Swanson finally releases the choke. Swanson throwing to finish the fight. Looks like one of the elbows from Lamas opened a cut on the forehead. Swanson gets the takedown and transitions to north-south. Cub can't figure out how to do damage and Lamas stands. Round ends with Lamas landing to the jaw. 10-9 Swanson. 

Round 2: Swanson with a low roundhouse like Ryu from Street Fighter II. Spinning back hook kick misses and Swanson falls. Lamas pushes forward with kicks. Swanson pushes back with his own combination but is taken down. Swanson looking for an omoplata. Lamas opens up with punches. Swanson uses the fence to stand but Lamas is riding his back. Arm triangle gets locked in by Lamas and Cub Swanson is forced to tap. Nice win for Ricardo Lamas. 

Official Result: Ricardo Lamas via Submission (Arm-Triangle) at 2:16


Dustin Poirier vs. Pablo Garza

Round 1: Poirier stalking forward as Garza tries to circle away. Poirier is the first to land significant strikes with two punches. Garza with a leg kick. Garza tries a kick to the body and gets taken down. Poirier lands punches on the way up. Nice left hook from Dustin. Garza is super sloppy right now. Dustin's kick is caught and Garza get's the takedown...he rolls through and looks for an ankle. Kick lands low. Dustin's boxing looks crisp landing a four punch combo. Garza ducks for a takedown but ends up on his back. Big elbow from the top for Dustin. Dustin working well attacking the body and head. Garza defending well constantly moving to avoid punches when Dustin postures up. He's locked down Dustin's right arm and is throwing elbows from the bottom as he starts the set up for a triangle. Round ends with Dustin on top. 10-9 Dustin Poirier. 

Round 2: Garza attempts a spinning back-elbow but misses. He keeps diving for a leg to pull guard. Dustin heavy on top not allowing Garza to create space. Elbows from the bottom from Garza while Dustin looks for a d'arce. He locks it up and Garza taps. Beautiful ground work from Dustin Poirier.

Official Result: Dustin Poirier via Submission (D'arce Choke) at 1:32


Ben Henderson vs. Clay Guida

Round 1: Doing play by play is gonna be unpossible. Guida the first to land with an outside leg kick. They just start throwing wildly against the cage and Guida drops...he's looking for a takedown but Henderson sprawls out. Knees to the body from Henderson. Guida drops again and Ben keeps his base. Henderson in a James Brown split. Ben defends another takedown attempt and pushes Clay against the fence. Inside punches from Guida. He has a single and lands a solid left that stumbles Henderson a bit. Clay tries a flying knee and somehow locks in a guillotine. It's not tight and Henderson pops his head out. Hot crowd. Guida on his butt with Henderson landing elbows to the body. 10-9 Henderson? 

Round 2: Spring knee from Henderson. Guida finally gets the takedown but Henderson uses his crazy flexibility to stand and then get the double on Guida. He's landing punches to the face. Guida stands while Henderson controls the head. Henderson looking for a takedown and Guida is widening his base. Knee to the body from Henderson who is controlling the wrists. Guida gets a takedown but Henderson stands immediately. A lot of clinching against the cage. It makes sense why this wasn't aired on Fox but this is fun. Heel to the thigh from Bendo. Knee to the head on the exit from Bendo. Guida tries a spinning backfist that Henderson barely ducks. Guida falls down and does a summersault. He's got a guillotine but Henderson is unsubmittable. He's got Guida's back and a body triangle. This is insane. 10-9 Henderson in a super active round. 

Round 3: High kick from Bendo to open the round misses. Guida lands a right hook and Henderson lands one of his own. Bendo doing his best Andy Hug impression with an ax kick. Spring knee from Guida. Hersonson lands a knee to the head and Guida drives him all the way across the cage looking for a takedown. He's unsuccessful and Henderson drops for his own. Holy crap. Can we get this as a five rounder? Knee to the body from Henderson and Guida tries a head kick. Henderson gets him down and is working from side control. Guida having a hard time scrambling out but does and turtles up. Henderson gets his back and has a body triangle. Minute twenty left. Henderson looking for a choke and Guida stands. They simultaneously look for knees and Henderson ends up on his back by the momentum. Guida looking for a weird guillotine and Henderson scrambles out and gets top position. What the hell!? The fight is over! 10-9 Someone. I don't even care. I want 2 more rounds. 

Official Result: Ben Henderson by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27) Ben Henderson vs Frankie Edgar in Japan? Book it!