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UFC 136 Results: Joe Lauzon Makes Quick Work of Melvin Guillard

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Melvin Guillard said he wasn't worried about Joe Lauzon's "little jiu-jitsu" in the highlight package before their UFC 136 bout. It turned out that he really should have been.

Melvin came out aggressively in the first round looking to land a huge strike. He looked reckless but clearly felt that there was no real danger from Lauzon on the feet. Instead, Lauzon managed to land a left hook that staggered Guillard. As Melvin attempted to regain his footing his legs gave out and he fell to the ground.

Lauzon wasted no time in taking the back and quickly sunk in his hooks. From there the "little jiu-jitsu" took over and the rear naked choke finished the fight giving Lauzon the huge underdog win.

Guillard's title shot hopes were derailed with the loss and Lauzon finds new life through this big victory.

With no finishes so far on the card, this puts Joe in prime position to pick up Submission of the Night honors.