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UFC 136 Preview - Melvin Guillard Gunning for Knockout Bonus

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On any normal card it isn't a long shot to think Melvin Guillard will be the man collecting the evening's knockout bonus. But UFC 136 is no normal card. In fact, it's stacked with some of the UFC's most exciting fighters and several of its top knockout artists.

Guillard is fully aware of this and he's taking it as a challenge to himself. Via MMA Weekly:

"I'm putting myself on a pedestal for this fight and I'm going in not only wanting to win, but I want to outperform everyone. You got Jose Aldo fighting Kenny Florian and just for you all to know, I'm pulling for Jose Aldo to knock him out. You got ‘Lil Heathen' fighting Pettis and you got the champion fighting Gray Maynard, so I'm definitely challenging myself.

"I also have my teammate Brian Stann fighting Chael Sonnen. So me and Brian are challenging each other to get these knockout bonuses. We're already talking smack to each other what we're going to knock our opponents out with so that we can guarantee the win.

As if the card wasn't already exciting enough on paper, we now have some of the most explosive strikers on the card challenging each other to see who can score the bonus.

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